panty pooping commercial center

Today, I was lonely and I felt full to the public in junk. I do not know where I go and empty my body of those things that excite me. I dress with a black dress, as black panties and I take a walk in the city while thinking to my toilet needs. I thought going to a mall for poo, so I’m going. Reach the center I felt that my urge to pee was worse than the crap, I look for a place to pee without being noticed too me as I would empty my bladder. I’m going to drink and there was nobody, I crouched watching the drinks and I let go of small jets of pee in my pants. I saw a small puddle of pee my floor so I was moving not to arouse suspicion, so I had to pee there that I let go at once. It was so enjoyable, I got up and I walk into the store to think about poop. I wanted a more exciting place like the lingerie department, so I got move. I searched the shelves for new small panties and then I come across a girl who was as young as me and that seemed strange because it is often touch the buttocks, as it had done it in his pants where she had need to go to the toilet. I continued to watch the shorts and a few minutes later I see the girl crouching and holding her belly, I approach and I demaander him if she needed help, she told me and look I have just a little cramp. It was up and she left. I thought I must know what it was then I followed, but she quit within and push a large mass in her panties. I was abassourdis to see that, so I let my anus to the rest I felt my poop slip gently into my pants, I still followed the girl up out of the shop and after she left. I thought I must go home, I began to walk while leaving my poop out, but a few blocks from my house I felt that my shit was stuck in my anus, I crouched up and pushed all my strength, I felt pushed my panties down, it was very hard to push, but I wet my poo pushing and suddenly a big noisy fart out of my anus with a very soft and vague poo poop out alone I not control anything. After 20 seconds of soft poo, I felt empty, so I go home with a beautiful mass of poo. The cleaning took me 1 hour, but the pleasure to poop in my pants was very intense šŸ™‚

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