Panty Fun Afternoon

Let me tell you about the best time that I made poo in my underwear. This was about four or five months ago. I hadn’t been for about two days, because I just hadn’t really felt like I had to (I wasn’t constipated but for some reason my system hadn’t felt the need to empty itself). After drinking a cup of coffee, I suddenly needed to go badly. I shut myself in the bathroom and stripped down to my underwear, before stepping into the bath. I immediately started with a very strong stream of pee that soaked through my underwear and gushed down my legs to form a warm puddle around my feet before eventually disappearing down the drain.
This was followed by a few rather airy and smelly farts before the tip of my poo started to ease its way out under the slight pressure that I was maintaining. It was solid, but because it really needed out, I didn’t really have to push very much to facilitate the process. I felt it filling up the back of my panties; it was big and the texture felt good against my skin. When the last of it was out, I realised that I wasn’t quite finished yet. I felt a sharp cramp go through my stomach, and before I could stop it, a fair amount of poop that was the consistency of thick custard (sorry, I know that’s a bit gross) came out with a crackling sound.
I caught a whiff of it and was surprised at how strong it was. For whatever reason, I decided to put my hand on the outside of my butt and feel it. It was warm and wet…and when I started to rub it in and squash it around, the mess spread over my butt like warm, gloppy, stinky mud. Normally I HATE smearing with a passion, but this time I just had an irresistible urge to muck about with it.
I kept doing this for about 10 minutes, until it started to turn cold and I was snapped out of my reverie. When I looked in the mirror after taking my underwear off, I looked a mess, but I felt so good. I emptied the underwear into the toilet, rinsed out the bath, threw the underwear in the bin (after wrapping them up in toilet paper first) and then hopped into a nice hot shower so I could be clean and smell good again.
I loved that experience and would repeat it again in a heartbeat (but probably not the smearing part though. Moods and desires don’t last forever and most likely I won’t feel the need to do that again).

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  1. You should try filling ur panties with explosive diarrhea. Take a few laxatives and hold on till you can’t anymore and just let losses. Nothing feels better than just letting all out. The feeling of warm diarrhea filling ur panties and running down ur legs is amazing.

  2. mmmm Wonderful. You describe that so well. I wish I could have been there and helped you clean up. The smell must have been lovely.

  3. You will love it next time I promise.I like to poop in my panties every time I can and love soft warm poop that I can spread all over my bum and pussy.Feeling it slip over my pussy makes me feel so horny that I orgasm so easily and many times with just a few strokes of my fingers,Pretend it is an accident and get really messy just for the sheer fun of it.

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