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I couldn't wait to get home, Sam was waiting for me and was horny as hell. He told me he had a present for me, and that I should hurry up.  When I got home, I walked into the bedroom and saw him kneeling on the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of light blue, semi transparent lace panties. He looked so cute and sexy that I wanted to take him right there and then.  I walked over slowly to the bed and put my arms around his waist, pulling him closer so I could kiss him.  My hands slid down his smooth body and over his panty covered ass, "I love your new panties", I said as I caressed his cute bottom. "What's this present you have for me?". He jumped off the bed and went to the underwear drawer and pulled out a pair of white satin and lace panties, which he lay out on the bed in front of me. "I bought these for you today", he said with a slight smile on his cute face, "I thought you would look really sexy in them."  My cock twitched at the sight of the pretty panties, and I took Sam by the hand and kissed him again and said, "how thoughtful of you, thanks so much baby."  He then started to undress me slowly, taking off my shirt first, running his hands over my chest, and then lowering them to undo my belt, and sliding my jeans down and around my ankles, leaving me with just the g-string I was wearing underneath.  He then gently pushed me onto the bed and finished taking off my jeans, moving his body up so he could put his fingers in the sides of my string and slowly slide it off.  My now erect cock sprang free, and he gasped slightly at the sight of it, a small drop of pre-cum had started to form at the slit of my penis.  He then took the panties he bought me and started to carress my naked body with them. The feeling of the soft satin and lace against my body made me quiver with excitement, I was so turned on I reached out to grab his cock, but he pulled away and said, "let me put your panties on you first."  He put my feet into the panties and slid them up my legs, my cock was fully hard by now, and I couldn't wait to have the sensation of my new panties against my burning cock.  I lifted my ass slightly so he could pull the panties up fully, and he carefully slid the soft fabric over my aching member.  I could have cum right there and then, the feeling was intense.  I looked down and admired my new lingerie, and the way my cock looked so sexy in them. I touched the lacy sides and then slid my hand over the soft satin that was covering my cock.  "Do you like them ?", he asked with a smile; "I adore them baby, let me look at yours a bit more."  With that, he lay down beside me and let me run my hads over his cute panties. I gently pulled at the sides and teased his cock by softly tickling his burning cock through the soft blue lace.  We moved closer together and put our arms around each other, and started to kiss passionately, our tongues exploring each others mouths. Sam is such a good kisser, his soft lips on mine make my cock twitch every time.  With our mouths locked together, we moaned at the feeling of our soft bodies rubbing together, our nipples erect and on fire, and our panty coverd cocks grinding aginst one another, desperately wanting to be released from their pretty prisons.  We rolled around on the bed, kissing wildly, and running our hands over our pantied bottoms, teasing each other by allowing our hands to venture Inside the backs and legs of our sexy underwear.  We stopped kissing and and locked our legs together, as to continue rubbing our cocks together. The feeling of the soft satin, and Sam's hot member grinding into my cock sent me over the moon.  I had to have more...  I moved down his body and put my mouth over his erect niple. Licking and sucking on it as he moaned with delight. I put my fingers in his mouth, and he sucked on the eagerly, and with my other hand, I moved over his panties and started to massage his cock.  Sam was loving every second of the pleasure I was giving him. He's so cute, with a lovely smooth body and pretty mouth, and he looked adorable as I sat up with my fingers still in his mouth, and my hand on his panties as he swayed and squirmed under my attention.  I lowered myself so my face was in front of his panty covered cock, and admired his cute panties. The sides were fine and lacy, with a soft mesh that coverd his cock, allowing me to see the lovely outline of his member, and the now large wet spot that had formed.  I Moved my mouth in and started to kiss his lovely prick, licking the soft fabric of his panties and making them damp. He moaned and squirmed as my tongue lapped at his balls.  I gently slid his panties aside to release his pretty panty coverd penis, and let the tip of his cock into my mouth.  I sucked gently on the tip before sliding down and taking his member deep into my mouth. Sam groaned as I sucked and licked his lovely cock, caressing his smoothly shaved balls, and tugging gently on the sides of his panties.  I moved around to a 69 position, and allowed him to see my throbbing cock in my panties.  His mouth went straight for my prick, and was licking and sucking on my panties so furiously, I wanted to explode.  He liberated my cock as I had done his, and he started to give me an amazing Blow job. Sam is so good at sucking cock, and I moaned with pleasure as he covered my penis with his wet mouth.  After some amazing licking and sucking, we moved to face each other. We started kissing again, and I could taste my cock in his mouth.  I Grabbed his boiling prick and brought it closer to mine. We both gasped slightly at the touch of our naked cocks for the first time against one another.  I just love the feeling of Sam's burning cock against mine. The sensation is intense, and the more excited we both became, the more pre-cum would leak out, making our cocks all the more wetter, and us all the more turned on.  He then whispered in my ear, "I feel like being really naughty, is that OK?" I leaned in to whisper back into his ear, "of course baby, you can be as naughty you want."  With that, he placed his cock back into his panties, and took my hand as lay it over his pantied prick.  "Do you like my panties wet?" he said as he shivered slightly with excitement. "You know I love your panties wet," I said as I gently rubbed his penis.  "I'm going to be really naughty now", and before I could reply, a warm liquid burst into his panties and over my hand. My heart skipped a beat as I realised that he was peeing.  He stopped to see if I was shocked, but far from it, I was even more excited. My cute Sam was wetting his panties, and the sight was driving me wild.  "You are a naughty boy," I said with a smile, "keep going baby, it's OK."  He let out a slight moan, and continued to wet his panties. I kept my hand against his cock as his lovely warm pee flowed over my hand.  I couldn't resist the sight, so I quickly moved down to put my mouth over his panties and started to let his warm piss flow into my mouth.  He tasted so nice, and must have drunk quite a lot before, because the stream seemed to last forever. It kept coming out in intervals, and each time I watched in awe as the hot piss flowed out into his pretty panties, soaking the bed underneath him.  I put my hungry mouth over his penis again, letting more and more of his hot juice fill my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, and the rest I let trickle out of my mouth and over his soaked panties.  I let my mouth fill again, and without swallowing, I moved up to offer him a warm pissy kiss.  We both moaned and rubbed ourselves together again, grinding my cock against his pissy panties.  "Can you wet your panties too ?" He asked sexily. And with that I put my own cock back into my panties and let a hot stream of piss flow out.  The feeling was amazing, and so sexy, as the warm liquid soaked my panties and trickled over my balls.  He reached out and let his hand become covered in my piss, and rubbed my pissy panties. My cock was on fire, and he whispered: "that's it, wet your panties naughty boy", I was so excited that I almost came.  The bed was now soaked, and our bodies were becoming wet with all the piss on the sheets.  We moved together closely and started kissing again, and I could fell that he was peeing again., so I moved him on top of me and let his hot pee flow out of his panties, and over my own panty covered prick.  We were drenched at this point, our bodies glistening with piss, and the intoxicating smell filling the room.  I then lay Sam on his back, and started to slide his panties off. "I want to swap panties with you" I said, and he was definately not about to argue.  He pulled my soaking panties off and began to slide them up his legs. He looked so sexy in the new panties he had bought me earlier, and I had a feeling he wanted to try them on all along.  I took his wet panties and started to pull them up my legs, adjusting the pissy wet satin so it would cover my burning cock.  The feeling was amazing. I felt so horny and naughty at the same time, relishing in the sensation of my lovers soaked and pretty panties covering my member.  We locked our legs together again, and began grinding our pantied pricks against themselves, moving fasted and faster, the sound of the pissy wet fabric squelching under the pressure.  The tingling in my body became stronger, and it moved towards my cock, and I could see that Sam was close to cumming too.  Our breathing became heavier, and Sam let out a scream "I'm cumming !"  I rubbed my cock faster against his and said ; "cum in your panties baby!", and with that, he started bucking and shaking, and massive amounts of hot cum explode into his panties. The sight of this drove me over the moon, and I couldn't hold out any longer.  My burning prick exploded in exctasy as blast after blast of hot cum shot into my pissy panties. My body was shaking, and Sam was moaning in pleasure as he kept grinding his cumming cock against mine.  Our panties were now a mess. Hot sticky cum now covered our cocks, and mixed with our piss.  I lay on top of him and started kissing him again, and slowly massaged my soaked body over his ; feeling his messed panties rubbing against mine was enough to make my penis tingle again.  We fell asleep and when we woke, we both showered and changed the sheets.  Sam then said, "I still have another present for you." He went to the underwear drawer and pulled out 2 matching pairs of pink cotton panties with a delicate white trim. "I thought we could sleep in these together." He looked so cute, so I kissed him again, and took the panties and slipped them on. They were so soft and sexy, and Sam looked adorable in his.  We jumped into bed, locked our legs together, feeling once again our panty covered pricks nestling against one another, and drifted off to sleep.  

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  1. Hope you pissed in those nice pink panties & then jizzed in them.

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