Pants Party – Part 2

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Tim rubbed his shitty briefs front against Jan’s, Billy’s sister, and pulled his dirty cock out and placed it in her shitty cunt through their respective fly fronts. Billy rubbed his shitty briefs front, then pulled his dirty cock out through his open fly, and continued rubbing. They all rocked back and forth, increasing the intensity as they went. The three of them were well lubed with shit, so their pleasure was pain-free. Finally, they all reached orgasm with much moaning.

“Wow, you guys know how to have a good time! ” Jan said.

There’s nothing like having a pants party!” Billy said.

“When can we have the next one?” added Tim.

They didn’t have to wait long for the next one. Tim came back to Billy’s house the next day to continue the fun. They agreed that the next pants party should be even better! They went up to the bathroom again. Billy asked Tim if he wanted to start with another golden shower.

Tim said, “Why don’t we piss directly into each others jeans through the fly opening?”

“Cool !” said Billy. He unzipped his jeans, pulled his cock out through his briefs, and put it through Tim’s open jeans and into his waiting briefs. Both guys were wearing old FTL white briefs and old Levi’s. They pissed into each other, smiling with satisfaction as the warm piss drenched each others pants and underpants.

Billy said, “That felt so good – let’s add some poop to our pants, but we’ll trade first.” Tim agreed and both of them peeled off their undies, jeans, and t-shirts and swapped them with each other. They faced each other on the covered bathroom floor and began grunting. Tim’s turd emerged first, rather solid. Billy, after much effort, let go with a loose shit. He was glad he had Tim’s jeans and briefs on, as this was going to be a messy one! They then began to have some poopy play, putting their hands against each others jeans and mashing them. Then, they put their hands into the other guys underpants and felt around. They finished by grabbing the rear of the waistbands and pulling up, creating major wedgies.

Just then Billy’s older sister, Jan, walked in. The door had been open, and she recognized the sounds. “Ah, another pants party – may I join in?” she asked. The guys readily agreed to her request. We’ve already swapped clothes, do you want us to change again, they asked. Jan replied with a better idea. “Let’s use the clothes that we used yesterday. They’re still in a pile on the bathroom floor. I didn’t want to wash them yet, just in case we wanted to do this again.” Both of them thought that that was a cool idea!

Jan put on Tim’s briefs from yesterday – the soiled FTL’s, and his messy blue jeans and t-shirt. Tim put on Billy’s dirty briefs, jeans,,and shirt. Then Billy put on Jan’s filthy jeans, undies, and her shirt. The clothes were still damp and filthy. They all thought that they felt great on themselves!

Then, the three of them writhed around on the floor together, enjoying the feel and smell of their own, and each others messes. They added fresh piss as needed, which warmed up the clothes, as they were cool and clammy from sitting since yesterday. Then, they undid each others jeans and looked into their soiled, smelly underpants. Finally, they pulled down each others underpants after a final wedgie. More pissing then ensued, and all three of them then climaxed in their loaded pants, which now had a variety of substances and smells to them.

Tim mentioned that the guys still had other play clothes available; the ones they frolicked in earlier. The boys went to the pile of clothes and chose each others soiled undies and put them on. Not to be left out, Jan went to her room and returned with a pair of her white FTL panties. She asked who would like to trade underpants and wear hers. They both quickly volunteered. She gave them to Tim first. Upon inspecting them, Tim noticed that they had some dried piss stains on them, and some skid marks in them! He eagerly put them on and went to work on them, rubbing his cock furiously until he had a massive climax in them. Billy was watching him, enjoying the show, then announced that it was his turn to wear the soaked panties. Tim turned them over to him and Billy went to work on them, except that he had intentionally put them on backwards. Soon, he climaxed also, and filled the back of the panties with a load of fresh cum. Jan watched both guys performances avidly. She then announced that she wanted to wear her panties next, as she wanted to dump a fresh load of shit in them.

Billy handed them to her, then she went to work. Some grunting from Jan ensued, and soon she dropped a large load into her panties. She could feel the mound of poop residing in her panties. Finally, she took them off, put them on backwards, and felt the shit all around her crotch and into her pussy. She announced that the panties couldn’t hold as much poop as the front of Billy’s briefs that she wore yesterday did, but it was close enough! She also took a turn with Tim’s soiled briefs from yesterday, enjoying the feel of his dirty underpants.

All three of them then played with all of the dirty underpants and blue jeans for a while. Later, when they were all exhausted, they took off all of the clothes and then pissed on each other. Golden showers were the perfect ending for their second pants party!

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January 21, 2013 at 2:56 am

Really hot story even for a gay guy! I even got a hard on!!

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