Pants Party – Part 1

Tim was visiting Billy and wanted something to do.  “Let’s party in our pants!” Billy said.”How?” Tim asked.  “Let’s take a shower,”  Billy replied.  They went to the bathroom, and Billy climbed into the tub and sat down without taking off his clothes.Tim climbed in and sat facing him, also not removing any clothes.  They both wore white t-shirts and blue jeans.  Tim asked who was going to turn the shower on, as they were both sitting.  Billy replied with a smile that they both were.  Still smiling, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock and said “We’re gonna have a golden shower – on each other!”  Tim laughed and said, “Cool!”  He then unzipped his jeans and also pulled out his cock.  Next, they scooted towards each other.  Billy grabbed his cock and started pissing, aiming the stream towards Tim’s face.  Tim laughed as the piss hit his face and splattered all over, running down and soaking his shirt, turning the white t-shirt to a golden yellow, then landing on his faded jeans.  “This feels great,” he laughed, “Nothing like a golden shower to refresh you!”  Billy replied, “OK Tim, now hit me with your best shot!”  Tim grabbed his cock and started his piss, aiming it towards Billy.  His stream hit Billy’s face, splashing it and soaking it immediately.  It then ran down his chest, through his yellowing t-shirt, then flooding his jeans.  The guys continued laughing as their piss splattered and dripped down their faces.  They opened their mouths as they swayed their cocks back and forth, drinking what they could.

After finishing hosing each other down, they admired their damage to each other.  Their faces were dripping from their mutual showers, their now yellow tees clung to their chests, and their blue jeans were soaked along the crotch area, giving their jeans fronts a nice jeans-sheen.  The piss soaked through to their asses, making their jeans and underpants equally wet, both front and rear.  “You’ve even soaked my underpants,”  Billy said. “I’m sure your dirty FTL’s needed washing,” Tim replied.  Billy had to agree, as indeed his FTL’s were already coated with prior piss and cum stains, not to mention a good coating of skidmarks, since he’d been wearing them for several days.   Tim knew he had no room to talk, as his underpants looked about the same as Billy’s.  They also had been worn for several days and were coated with prior piss, cum, and shit stains as well.  They knew of each others soiled briefs conditions from earlier experiences.  The friends were the same size and their clothes fit each other, so they traded them often and added to the messes and stains that were already there.  Today, they were wearing their usual white Fruit of The Loom t-shirts and briefs, and well-worn, faded Levi’s 501 blue jeans. 

Hearing the laughter from the bathroom as they hosed each other, Billy’s older sister walked in and smiled as she watched them enjoy their their piss play.  “Silly boys,” she said, “pissing in the tub instead of in the toilet,  Watch how it should be done.”  She then sat down on the toilet without taking down her jeans and underpants and let go.  They could all hear the hissing sound as her piss went through her pants and into the toilet bowl.

“How about if I join you guys?” she asked.  “Cool,” Billy replied. “step on in.” She climbed into the giant tub that they had and leaned against the side wall.  “Let’s party in our pants!:” she said.  “Now, let’s get this party started.” 

She then leaned over and began to shit her pants.  The turd went into her underpants and blue jeans.  She leaned her ass against the tub side wall and smashed her shitload back and forth.  “Wow,” Tim said, “You’ve really crushed your shitload in your panties.”  She replied, “Not exactly, Tim, I’m wearing Billy’s briefs, which he already started staining before I put them on today.”  Tim laughed and looked at Billy for a reaction.  Billy said, “She wears my underpants a lot, Tim – it’s no big deal”.  She continued, “! wear his briefs a lot – I prefer them over panties.He usually soils them a lot anyway, so I don’t feel bad about it. I know you stain your briefs as well, Tim,as I’ve laundered them a few times.  I’ve washed a lot of dingy underpants from the two of you,”she smiled.  They all had been friends for a long time, and this continued even after they had finished school.

“Now boys, let’s get really messy – take those jeans off, “she ordered.  They complied, removing their tees as well, so they stood there in just their dirty FTL’s.  “Now, trade briefs,” she said.  They did so and she gave them both a super wedgie.  “I know you like that,” she said.  They both smiled as they felt the soft, cotton fabric of each others soiled underpants, wedged up their ass cracks.   She then removed her jeans, as the boys admired her bulge in the rear from her shit pile, giving them bulges in their briefs fronts!  “Now, Billy, transfer some of my shit from my ass into the front of my FTL’s, balancing my shitload somewhat.”  Billy did so, placing a handful of it into the front of the briefs, browning them up immediately.  “Your turn, Tim” she said.  He pulled out some shit from her dirty ass and placed it in the front of the underpants, next to the handful already there.  “Now you can see another reason that I like men’s briefs,” she said. “! like having the extra room in the front of them to hold a pile of shit!  Next, I want you both to rub your shitty hands in the front of each others FTLs, lubricating your cocks.  You know what’s coming next!”  They eagerly did so, and got into position. 

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