Pam’s public panty poop

My lovely friend Pam Ryan was telling me about the wonderful panty poop she had the other evening as she made her way home from work.Pam had been really needing to poop as she arrived at work in New York City and she did not want to poop her panties at work as that would be so bad.She was hoping that she could hold on to it until it was time to go home that evening,, and then she would hope to hold it at least until she got off the bus that would drop her just 6 blocks from home.Pam is a very attractive girl of 33 working in a city office for many years and the commute involves a 6 block walk then a bus to work.The homeward commute would mean a busy bus ride with people all round her then a 6 block walk to her home through busy sidewalks with a good chance of being seen,so the longer she could hold her poop the better.She was hoping to hold it until she was almost home.

Tonight her journey home would be exciting,embarrassing and very erotic all at the same time.Pam was having desperate times during the day but was able to hold her poop in until end of work by clenching her cheeks so tight every time she felt a cramp,and she felt quite a few of them.She left the office and soon was boarding the bus for home.She was able to get a seat on the bus but sitting down did not make it any easier to hold her poop.She felt a need to fart to release pressure but was so scared to try this in case she filled her panties right away with so many people all round her.Eventually the bus got to her stop and she got out of her seat.She felt scared to move as it felt like she could poop any second.Walking slowly to the door she got off to start her walk home.As soon as she got off she had to stand still for a minute or two as she felt Ready to let it all come out right now,but with a struggle she held it and began to walk the 6 blocks to home,stopping a few times to clench her cheeks when she felt one more cramp hitting her.

Pam walk through the other people on the sidewalk not knowing how long she could hold this poop inside or when it would suddenly fill her white cotton panties and stain her light blue pants that hugged close to her legs.She knew they would not hide the stains that were sure to come.She walked for one block and had to stop as a cramp hit her and she thought she was going to have to let her poop come out.She pretended to look in her bag for something as she fought back the cramp,feeling a little warm wet patch right at her ass telling her that a small soft bit of poop has escaped already.Now she realized that she was never going to make it home before she pooped her panties in a major way.She began to walk again,slowly and carefully trying to hold it in at least until she got within sight of her front door before she gave in and pooped her panties.

Pam reached the next block and got half way when she felt a cramp much stronger than the others.She stopped and suddenly there was a crackling sound and she felt her panties rapidly filling up with soft messy poop.It was not just warm poop,it felt really hot as it filled her panties to capacity in half a second it seemed.She stood still for a minute thinking how she was going to get home,another four blocks with such a massive load in her panties.She could not stay there,so she walked and as she waked she felt the soft poop shifting with each step she took.She felt some of the soft poop begin to leak out of her panties and slip into the legs of her tight pants,but at least they were holding it mainly in place.She felt with her hand behind her and sure enough there was the most enormous bulge there at her butt and she could feel smaller bulges at the top of each leg of her pants.

Walking on as carefully as she could she was sure that several people were looking at her butt as she passed them and further on there was a group of schoolgirls standing on a corner talking.As she turned the corner she knew that they must have seen her poop stained butt and her pants bulging,as they began to sing,”Someone had an accident” and laughed loudly.Pam walked faster now trying to get home as fast as possible.Soon she was walking up to her front door feeling the poop now reaching up the back to her waist and slipping between her legs making her pussy tingle with excitement.It was already wet from anticipating the public accident that she had just enjoyed.She was happy that she had not met any of her neighbors as she got home.Now she quickly opened her door and rushed inside.She found her wood chair in the kitchen and sat down on that slowly to enjoy the feeling of all that soft warm poop being squirted all round inside her panties now to meet up at the sides as she rocked in the chair and gloried in the feeling of being totally naughty and not caring.

Pam thought to herself that this was the most fun she had ever had with her panties on.Getting her nice jacket off and throwing it clear of her she started to rub her hands over the outside of her tight blue pants and pushed the soft poop as far as she could make it go before her fingers slipped over her throbbing pussy and went inside to rub herself into a massive orgasm which was followed by another and another before she walked into her shower fully dressed.By now she was feeling her bladder fully extended with all the coffee she had drunk in the afternoon at work.Thinking about her poop had made her forget her bladder but now it was crying out to be released,so as she stepped into the shower she consciously stopped holding it and started to pee her pants,letting it flow into the messy poop filled panties and pants.The white panties no longer white.the blue pants now well covered in brown and Pam well satisfied with her panty poop.Now she knew again that she loved to poop her panties and always had and always would.

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  1. mmmmmm love to see the bulge can imagine feeling it hot and soft and slipping a finger into the crack of her bum maybe masturbate her pussy too hot story thanks

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