Painting The Fence On A Beautiful Day

The weather in New York has been bad for several days, and had been watching news to see when it would turn for the better.I had eaten loads of veggies and fruits for 2 days. Great news weatherman says Thursday it’s going to be beautiful. Thursday morning came and the sun was beating down on the green house. I got prepared by having 3 cups of coffee and eating a big bowl of oatmeal. I went upstairs gave myself 2 glycerin enemas and put on a good heavy duty diaper, and put on a pair of heavy canvas work shorts, they were kind of baggy. I got my steel brush and headed to the front of the house to clean off the rust on the wrought iron fence. I could feel the cramps hitting me within a good ten minutes. I had a little stool with me to sit on, and took my sweet time.while sitting on the stool I must have let out a quart of pee into my diaper. I looked and there were no wet spots, so I know there were no leaks. I stood back up and walked around a bit inspecting the fence. The enemas were working on my stomach pretty good. I got some heavy duty cramps. The neighbor across the street being the nosy body as shes named came over to inspect also. We talked for a good five minutes, and all the while we are talking my stomach was giving me the sign. While we were talking I decided to let some of the built up poop start exiting my butt. I’m gonna say it felt so awesome to let it out real slow and fill up the diaper just a little. the poop was about the size of a baseball, and just started pushing against my balls.glad the diaper was semi tight because I got such an erection, and the baggy pants hid it pretty good. I’m standing there talking to this older woman with a lump of shit in my diaper with a raging hard on. Finally she decided to go back to her house. I made like I was holding the paint can between my lags and let the can rub against my already hard cock. I opened the can and shot a load into my diaper at the same time. Dam my knees got weak for a second. I started to paint the fence and since its only 3 feet tall I squatted down and did the bottom first. The second wave of shit hit me just then. There seemed to be a thick anaconda coming out of my ass. The shit kept filling my diaper to full load. It’s like my ass didn’t want to stop shitting. there had to be a few base balls back there in my diaper. The second part of my shit was semi soft and it felt so good as it reached my cock. I started to get a hard on again, as I squatted and got up a few times just to smear the shit all over my balls. I shot another load in my diaper. Can’t believe I came twice and I haven’t even touched my cock with my hands. I was in my own little dream world painting the fence. I finished in record time of about two hours. I put all the paint and brushes away and went to backyard and removed this diaper with about five pounds of shit in it. I put it in bag and threw it in garbage can. I grabbed the hose and cleaned my ass and balls real good, put on a pair of shorts and proceeded to jump in the pool. I stayed in the pool till about four in the afternoon, and came inside to write this story. I got a lot accomplished today!! I painted the fence, filled my diaper with a huge load, came twice and had a great swim. All in all was a great day !!

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