Out & About Diapered

If there is one thing I luv about wearing diapers is using then in public. I wear for both medical and fun but lately its been more fun and if I did not need I would never stop wearing . One time after a day at work ( and yes I wear there ) I had to stop at home depot and get a few things . My nedical condition lets me use a toilet when and if I notice the feeling if Im close and I do use one before I leave leave work evry day so I dont ruin my seat in my car but some day I will hyst sit on a plastic bag and not worry .
Back to home depot it was a day I did not use the toilet before i left and while I was done and on the way to the register i felt i was about to poop so I just let it out not even thinking of the smell ( I take pill for it ) . While in line there was a mom and dad with a diapered todler in front of me  ( lucky me) and when my smell started to spread every one looked at them . Thank god for kinds in diapers is all i got to say . Messymike

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