Our first wetting.

I was on a long trip to California from Florida with my new wife. We just passed the last rest stop after San Antonio TX. I knew it would be a while before the next stop, but wife hadn’t made this trip before. I drove a truck before we were married and made the trip several times before. Due to a few good investments I was able by the trucking company and to retire early. At 38 I married my now 28 year old , fair haired, girl friend that had worked for me since she graduated High School as a book keeper, bought a Mercedes, and started traveling.
My wife announced she had to pee; I told her it was about an hour to the next stop and she’d have to hold it.
She said she’d try.
A half hour later she said she had to go bad. I was getting the urge too and said we could pull over and go by the side of the road. She immediately refused to do that. Soon after it started getting dark and I had to pee bad too. Finally, I saw a hotel sign in the distance.
We pulled into the lot and we were both bursting.
We were standing at the front desk doing the Pee-Pee dance, asked the receptionist if we could use the restroom.
Said in a Texas drawl that, “The facilities er’ fer guests only.” after some bickering she told us to get out. I called her a bitch and decided that I’d pee on the side of the building.
My wife’s bladder had other plans.
I turned around and she was crying. I looked down and she was wetting her pretty slim tight pants.
I got angry and yelled at the dim witted receptionist, “See now, what you’ve done!”
Then my bladder let loose and I wet my pants too. I probably could have made it outside, too make my wife feel better and piss off the receptionist I decided to go right there.
I hugged my wife ad took her arm flipped the receptionist the bird as we walked out the lobby door.
I got towels and fresh clothes from our luggage. We cleaned up and I was aroused seeing my wife’s wet VJ. I figured the cops were on the way, and there nothing we could do about it now. So. I drove on with a hard-on. to El Paso.

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