Our cinema trip

Well today kirsty and i decided we would go to the cinema. We went to an early evening showing. It was great we had our popcorn and our supersized drinks each, middle row seats and a great film. Both of us were wearing diapers so if we peed we wouldnt have to get up half way through the film. Anyway about 45min into the film i knew kirsty had peed as she began wriggling in her seat. I was still dry. The film went on and kirsty wriggled again. This time though i swear i actually saw the front of her crotch balloon before my eyes. I knew from the lingering smell aswell that she had just loaded her diaperwith poop. Wow just seeing her and smelling the air i was turned on. Within ten mins i was so ready to load my diaper too. I hund on and hung on for seemed like ages, then it exploaded into my diaper. Wow the poop just kept on coming and coming. It was hard at first, then it got softer and softer. With it i peed too. Well the pee was long, i must have peed the same as a supersized filled cup. My diaper was so full. Thankfully the film ended about 30mins later. Im not sure if anyone could tell we’d just pooped though, although the air was rather smelly around us. When i stood up i realise the full extent of how full my diaper was, it really sagged between my legs, kirstys too. We walked back to the car, hoping our diapers wouldnt leak. Normally we would change each other in the back seat of the car before we drove home but we decided we would both just sit in our dirty diapers and change once we were home. On the way back we stopped off at a MacDonalds drive thru. We got a burger meal each and ate it in the car whilst parked up at the carpark. Wow it was amazing, sitting in wet/soiled diapers. I also knew that the burger would probably ork its way through both of us once we were at home and we’d both end up with a second poop in our already filled diapers. Sure enough, when we were almost home Kirsty announced she really had to go poopy again. She had already peed again and was really unsure if her diaper was going to hold another poop. She told me she needed to get our and squat as the poop coming was a big one. Sure enough we pulled over and she squated at the side of the car. She pushed and pushed and a huge huge load filled her diaper. It was massive and rock hard. Her trousers barely did back up over her diaper. She got back in the car and we went home. I had to carry Kirsty in the front door as she was sure if she stood up her trousers and diaper would end up around her ankles.It was so funny, seeing her so worried. Inside she took her trousers off and put on a pair of plastic pants. She didnt want to change just yet. Neither did i, so we curled up on the sofa together to watch some tv. Kirsty fell asleep after a little while, shortly followed by myself. When i woke up it was 9pm, so we’d been asleep for a good 3 hours. I realised after a few mins that the sofa was wet and then i realised my diaper had leaked, my trousers were soaked too. When i stood up i got an even bigger shock, not only had my wee soaked through but so had my poop. Our sofa is new, as we only moved into our new place 3 weeks ago. Kirsty woke up but she was very sympathetic saying it was ok etc, that we’d get it dry cleaned. Hopefully the stains come out. Well kirsty suggested it was time i had my diaper changed, too right, i didnt want any more acidents like that. Well she changed my diaper, cleaned me up and out me in a fresh one. I did the same for her as her diaper had leaked loads into her plastic panties too. Our fresh diapers didnt stay that way for long though. But i must say we did have a lovely day 🙂

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  1. Hot hot hot. Wish I was there in the cinema to see you both. Would have had to join as well and completely mess myself.

  2. totally hot! Its gotta be awesome to have a partner that is as involved in this wonderful fetish as you are

  3. hott, Im im 100% gay, lol you two sounds like an ideal couple, would love to see some vids and or pics 😉

  4. Was just wondering – how did you guys meet? Did you meet through something to do with this fetish, or did u just happen to find out that you both shared it?

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