Our best moment ever!

So I was at work yesterday and my funny co worker and friend of mine Neil said to me…

“Wanna go toilets Paul?” 
“Sure” I replied. 
It was of course lunch break which was good. 
So he directed me to the disabled toilets and he locked the door. 
He then said to me this…
“I have always wanted to do this with you. I know you trust me. But we will keep it between us.” 

I was puzzled. He then pulled his trousers down and told me to do so as well. So I pulled my smart business trousers down to my legs where all Neil could see was my grey pants. He then said…

“You wanna do this?” and I looked at him. His red pants was forcing me to pull them down. 

“O.K then”  So I did. Next thing I saw was a large penis going stiff. 

“Rub it, go on” said Neil and I knew what was happening. 

“Only if you rub mine too” I replied.

So Neil slashed my pants down and my penis was also going stiff. Then all of a sudden. The two penises touched each other. So, whilst Neil rubbed my dick, I rubbed his. It was very ticklish and it got to a certain point after 5 minutes. Neil rubbed my big dick at maximum speed and I made such a orgy noise. What a feeling! Aprox 5 seconds later, I felt a nerve. When I looked down, white stuff (cum) laid on the floor. My penis felt so good. However, when I rubbed Neil’s dick at the same speed  and he made the same noise as me, only better. 10 seconds later for him. I saw cum everywhere! 

“Neil, that felt so good man!” 

“It did bro! Much better now!” 

Neil had provided spare pants for me, which were pink (well, consuming it was Valentines Day when we did this) and were my size.
When we got out of the disabled toilets, we acted like nothing ever happened. 

And thats how nobody noticed. 

Now I love Neil to bits. Well, we are both gay but thats cool. It was just that yesterday was so good. 

I do cum in bed as well every night. So, maybe I will try and get videos of those. 

Thanks for reading. 🙂 

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