Other weird fetish stuff people like to have with messing and wetting.

So the title should explain it. What other fucked up stuff do u like to involve with messing and wetting. For me it would be being late in my pregnancy and I’m desperate to use the potty when it was not advalible. I would being wearing extreme tight sweat pants and maternity shirts and make a mess that would make me excited. But in reality I’m not able to enjoy kids since I still have a little bit of youth left in me……. And being a mother while in college would be a bit stressful. So I now ask u what other stuff do u do, fantasize, or one day will accomplish when messing and wetting? 

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  1. Giving a blowjob while wetting and shitting my pants, being degraded for it as he cums down my throat.

  2. I love to suck a guy off while he shits his pants and if he isn’t into shitting just some farting will do.

  3. I’m in to aliens and robots and furries and stuff. not much else really weird in practice, though. besides maybe bondage. I’d love to be choked or just wrestled until i wet/mess myself. sometimes I’ll hold my breath while I’m desperate until i just can’t hold it and force it out involuntarily and pretend I’m being choked or suffocated by someone (though i keep it safe; no nooses or toys or anything to cut off my airflow, not once and not ever. I’m not about to be found dead after jerking off to my shat pants, or jacking off at all. Not worth it and i have bad experiences with those things anyway that would be a complete turnoff)

  4. I like nice big sweaty armpit stains on sexy guys. Of course i like wetting and shitting. Even though i enjoy all those things separately, when i have the opportunity i combine all that. On warm summer days i like to walk in the city and trying to catch guys with sweaty armpits. When i see a guy like that i let a little go in my pants while looking at his armpit. Finally when i find a hottest guy with nicest stain i let a very long stream out or i even shit myself. Sometimes i dont stop the stream as long as the stain is full visible for instance until he moves his arm or walks away. Very often i follow a guy for a while trying to catch more sights of his armpit and pissing again several times or if he sits in an outdoor cafe i would sit opposite to him keep looking at the wetness in his armpit and continue pissing my pants. I go home pretty wet and horny

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