Other fetishes.

Do you have other fetishes, or had one that’s manifested itself from another?

For me its smelling other people’s underwear. It started when I began to wonder if any of my friends or their siblings also pooped or peed in their underwear. At that stage I was only doing it accidently and wanted to know if anyone else did it at much as me. I was disappointed when I discovered I seemed to be the only one, until I realized they would be hiding it. Unlike me other people would have been getting in trouble for what they did and wouldn’t be leaving their underwear in the bathroom for everyone to see.

That realization came during my first sleepover when my friends mum asked me to go to the bathroom with her, then scalded me for leaving my underwear on the bathroom floor and what I had done in them. She told me to either put them in the rubbish or hide them in my backpack. She made it very obvious she disappointed at the state of my underwear, but at the time I didn’t realize why. It wasn’t until my next sleepover that became apparent, when she came in the bathroom, picked up my underwear and smelt them. After doing that for a while she said something like “perfect, just how I like them”.

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  1. I have a fetish for women in T-shirt and panties as well as bottomless women. I don’t care for topless and completely naked. My fetishes are largely centered on women’s asses. Although the panty pooping one goes a bit deeper, I’m very specific on what a woman is wearing when they poop their pants or panties for me to get aroused. For example, women pooping their panties topless does not get me excited at all. But when they wear a nice tight fitting top, I get super excited.

  2. Ever since I can remember when I was at a young age loved and knew I loved peeing and pooping in pants up to 8th grade 10 hour I discovered I had another fetish connected with male poop and pee desperation and purposely having accdients. My second biggest fetish is tight tight sweatpants they will get me as horny as peeing and pooping well even more probably. I don’t know what it is but I have a super obsession with buying sweatpants and having lots of Paris I love how stretchy they are and how they outline everything. And there’s no real hiding from liquid spelling on it or AKA pissing in them . I guess if I really thought about why I have a sweatpants fetish is because I always saw other guys from eighth grade all the way to my last year of high school there’s a pretty casual thing for guys to be wearing sweatpants all different kinds of colors and brands. Especially in eighth grade I think I connected the two fetishes of peeing and pooping in sweatpants because I do vividly remember an eighth grade in the beginning of November all the boys had to wear uniforms for PE outside during the cold season. And the uniforms were in my favor they were light green super tight vintage style sweatpants with no pockets and they only came in two sizes boys small and boys medium. So basically every guy my age really caught my attention and it was so hard not to stare. And I vividly remember one day outside during PE playing soccer. I saw Kevin who was super tall and Slim pretty cute beachboy / skater who always wore baggy jeans and or baggy cargo shorts. I remember he was playing goalie and as a teacher with a whistle at home and started to go inside to go change from their PE jogger outfits back into their casual clothing… I always loved waiting behind for a while to be behind all the guys in my class because watching their butts while walking up the hill was the perfect view for me . And I distinctly remember on this November fall day I did as usual after the whistle was blown and stayed behind to get a good glimpse of all the butts in the sweatpants I’m guys in my class… turn on this day I saw in the corner of my eye Kevin still at the goalie post looking really uncomfortable looking down a lot at his feet and then and squatting down to tie his shoe both shoes all the meanwhile his butt was in the air. And I stared at that for a while and as he started to stand straight up again he saw me in it so he quickly started to look on the ground as if he lost, and I waited because I was curious as to why he wasn’t coming inside with everyone and then whistle blew again and that’s when I realized the teacher was waiting for Kevin and I so we started walking and keep walk by really fast up the hell though not a pretty steep Hill and that’s when I noticed all the sweat spots and dribble faster in streams going from his right side of his crotch to the back end of his thighs and up his butt crack in this tight green sweatpants and I I knew from that point on I got I would never forget how hard I was and how I had to try doing that too.

    So Now, I’m in the mid 20s and the obession for my -“peepoop tight Sweatpants in public-fetish has never gone Away for me .

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  4. Was that the same ex from the picture you posted? Was her pussy also stinky? I to love a stinky woman, I’v had a few girls that really smelled and I’v always loved it. It goes back to when I was a kids and I had a friend who’s vagina I could often smell just by sitting next to her, She was also the first girl I fingered, Until then I had no idea that pussies could be stinky.

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