Orlando Florida

I dont know who all reads these, but I am in Orlando looking for other men into Farts, Pissing and/or Messing in their jeans.,shorts whatever. I have a small business here in Orlando with buying and selling cars. that is why i was thinking ABOUT retiring my page and plus it is getting lonely here for me. The comments are awesome, but when there is no physical guy here to share, support, or do the same with you, it is lonely.

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  1. If you do decide to retire the page, please just stop contributing to it, but leave it here. I, for one, like to visit you pictures and videos.

  2. I wish I were in Orlando with you I would love to pee and poop my pants with you and clean you when you messed in them

  3. I was just summoned back to this site Jax, everyone I’m sure does not know the site is back open ,don’t leave ,give it time and me myself love this site and glad to be back !

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