Orcish Nature

It’s Orctober right now. So I figured, what the hell. Should make a story about an orc embracing his messy side. šŸ˜‰


He knew how he could easily resolve this. He just had to head into the bathroom, sit on that human-made contraption, and let it all flow out. All the pain in his bowels and stomach would finally let up afterwards. And yet he still chose to writhe around on his mattress, growling with frustration and clutching his stomach. The heavyset green orc wearing a pair of black jean shorts and a sweaty, yellow shirt grumbled as he licked his tusks and lied flat on his stomach. The orc took a few breaths as he felt himself sticking his ass up into the air. Grinning, the orc let out a crisp fart, the flatulence crackling against his musty underwear and giving off a sputtering noise. He exhaled afterwards, and giggled as he waved a big hand behind his ass.

“Don’t blast too hard, Loxkor. Hehe, wouldn’t wanna shit yourself!” he told himself.

But no one was home. He lived in his apartment alone. He had no girlfriends or boyfriends, no siblings of any kind. Besides, he was an orc. What would it matter? After passing gas, Loxkor slowly rolled off his bed, taking his pudge with him, and walked over towards the mirror in his bedroom. He looked at himself and snorted, taking note of all the sweat stains on his shirt. He was horribly unfit, with his shirt unable to keep in his huge light green gut, and his belly passing well beyond his waistband of his shorts. Loxkor looked down at his stomach and lifted his shirt, taking note of how round his pudge was, and the noticeable breasts he had formed over the years. When Loxkor turned around, he noticed that his shorts couldn’t contain his heavy, bloated buttocks either; they were sagging, showing off part of his gray underwear that he knew had a skid mark or two on them. The giant beast rubbed his belly before he slowly stuck a hand down his shorts and rubbed himself. He stroked himself a few times before removing said hand and sniffing his fingers and palm.

He knew it was disgusting. He knew it was vile. But he didn’t care. Grinning, Loxkor stuffed his hand down his backside too, gasping as he stuck a few fingers around his ass crack. Even better, as he did so, the orc wound up cutting a beefy fart against his hand; he could even feel the bubbles popping around his palm. Chuckling, Loxkor took his hand back out and sniffed his fingers deeply, feeling as though he was huffing some kind of strong, musky inhalant. He knew it was filthy. He knew it was wrong. But he couldn’t stop himself. As Loxkor put his hand back down, he felt his asshole opening up. He grunted as he turned and looked at the door. The bathroom was right across the hall. It’d take him less than twenty steps to get there. Loxkor rubbed his nose and exhaled, before he noticed another funny scent in the air. The orc exhaled deeply, before he leaned forward and sniffed his breath. He remembered heading to the store one time and talking to an employee, and he kept recoiling, before suggesting he buy some toothpaste. Loxkor told the employee that orcs typically didn’t use that stuff, at which point he rolled his eyes.

Loxkor looked down at his big feet and wiggled his toes. He recalled heading into a theater one time after jogging. And while he was inside, he took off his boots and socks and planted his giant feet on the seat in front of him. Some of the people around him began to plug their noses or they moved far away from him. The chubby green orc lifted his right arm and sniffed it three times, relishing in the strong, orcish scent. He kept remembering how he ran onto a crowded train, where he had to hold onto one of the rails with his arm raised. Some of the human passengers complained about his stink and moved away. Loxkor grunted as he lowered his arm and felt his bowels churning again. His asshole opened up a bit further, and he found himself taking several deep breaths. A couple of soft crackles popped in his ears. The bathroom was too far away at this point. All he had to do was lower his trousers and go on the floor. He could clean up the mess later. It wouldn’t be a huge deal. But as Loxkor stood in front of the mirror, he remembered another incident while waiting in line at an amusement park.

He spotted another beefy orc wearing a black vest and jean shorts constantly blowing ass as he stood in line for a ride. Several other humans kept whining about the odor, while the orcs didn’t say a word, or even chuckled and said “nice one!” to him. He vaguely remembered hearing a juicy fart that ended with a squelching crackling noise, followed by the orc saying, “Whoops. Bit too much there!” Shortly afterwards, several humans stepped out of line, providing a gap for Loxkor. Loxkor walked forward and found himself standing directly behind the hairy, chubby orc in his black vest and shorts. He sniffed the air twice and plugged his nose, detecting the strong odor of orc shit. The orc looked over his shoulder at Loxkor and chuckled.

“Humans, eh? Can’t handle our stench.”

Loxkor grinned as he looked in his mirror. He slowly turned around, letting out several soft breaths. Then he bent down and planted his hands on his knees. As he squatted, he recalled the other orc’s words and kept growling. It wasn’t his fault humans were so clean, so afraid of embracing their natural bodily functions and odors. That orc who sharted himself in line wasn’t shy about his gross behavior. So why should Loxkor be, especially within his own home? So Loxkor squatted, looked over his shoulder at the mirror, and saw his big ass bulging against his jean shorts. Seconds later, Loxkor loosened his bowels. He listened to the trademark crackling noises, hearing the shit oozing through his rectum and slithering out into his underwear. Already he could feel the first fat log pressing against his gray boxer-briefs. Already he knew they were sticking to the fabric and leaving a stain. But Loxkor kept pushing. Huffing, Loxkor felt the warm shit coiling around, balling up into a mushy mound that was sandwiched between his buttocks and the underwear. And it was still going, still growing, still expanding second by second.

The crackling noises stopped. Instead, Loxkor passed gas, his hot flatulence muffled by the lump of shit within his trousers. It stank heavily of musk and spoiled meat, along with the usual stench of baked beans and sulfur. Loxkor coughed and plugged his nose, almost blushing at how quickly he managed to stink up his room. But there was more inside, and Loxkor didn’t see a point in bottling it in. Both hands on his knees again, Loxkor huffed with much effort and pushed. The popping and crackling sounds increased, almost sounding like ice crackling inside of a glass. Mixed in were the gradual noises of Loxkor grunting and panting, and the few fart bubbles that slid out of his rectum, popping and intensifying the odor. His underwear was sagging now, and it was showing through his shorts. Even though there was no brown stains on his black shorts, Loxkor looked over his shoulder and saw the bulge. It was quite hefty, and still growing. It seemed almost like he had stuffed multiple oranges down his shorts, and the shorts were beginning to sag now. Loxkor still had no idea how orcs were able to dump out so much shit in one bowel movement. And at this point, he didn’t care.

When the crackling and squishing stopped, Loxkor let out a huge breath and started to relax. He huffed a few times as he felt his penis throbbing and shuddered. Looking down, Loxkor noticed that a stain was appearing on the front of his shorts. And it wasn’t urine. Blushing, Loxkor waited until the semen stopped oozing from his shaft before he looked in the mirror again and grinned. Still no brown stain, but the bulge in his shorts was gargantuan. He waved a hand behind his fat, funky ass and giggled. He could imagine doing this on the streets, and picturing all sorts of humans complaining about much he stank. But Loxkor looked back at all those times he did something putrid in public around humans, and he defiantly scoffed.

“Humans. Can’t handle my stench,” he said proudly.

Loxkor stood straight up and walked away from the mirror. Then, with no hesitation, he sat down on his bed, hearing the shit flattening beneath his stinky ass and spreading around his buttocks. As the stench within his bedroom spread around, Loxkor lied down on his mattress, his head on his pillow, and took a deep breath. Looking up at the ceiling, Loxkor smirked to himself.

“Wonder what would happen if I met a human who could handle my stench,” he said to himself.

“Hehe…that’ll be a fun day.”

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