I seem to go through fazes, with wetting and messing adventures. I have break because my mind and body say this is wrong. Then I get a naughty thought and have to do it again.

I have two perfect opportunities for some public wetting and wetting in front of my best freinds, who thinks I have a medical problem.

The first one is im out for dinner with her. My plan is to use my pull up before hand a couple of times, then on the walk back to car wet it again so it leaks and she if she notices it.

The other is we are out in town on friday night and giver her lift back. What I have found recentley is that if I have some alchol and drink coke cola. I get really desperate and I have had some genuine accidents. So Im not going to go loo before we get back to the car and have a guenine accident

Lets have some fun

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