Operation Flush: Aborted

A few months ago in November, I took a liking to a local burrito place by my work. They have other things besides burritos, but the burritos are their staple. At the time I had a job of delivering groceries, so I found myself on my feet often. This particular day I found myself particulary hungry, and as I didn’t want to be hungry later in the day, I decided to get their largest size burrito. Chicken, beans and rice, as well . After buying it, I sat in my car for a good half an hour to an hour, eating it as well as eating chips that came with it. I had a small breakfast in the morning but it wasn’t that much.

Fast-forward two days, I finish out a job and I have that familiar rumbling in my stomach. My guts feel as if there was a literal sandbag in them. I decide to go into a bookstore, to walk around, get things moving, as I often have a delay between the urge and letting loose. I enter the store, and check out the fiction section. All of a sudden, an urge hits me, I debate about crapping in the bookstore, but I wanted to poop somewhere else for a change.

Instantly, a warm feeling in my stomach could be felt. Silently and steadily, I decided to fart to relive pressure, it made no sound, and I walked away quickly afterwards. A group of guys was at the end of the aisle, by where I did the deed, immediately I heard their remarks, but they didn’t know it was me. I decided that I needed to get out of here – now.

I check out the book that I had wanted, walking to my car hurryingly putting the key in the ignition. Driving from the bookstore to the gas station seemed like an eternity because of how my stomach was starting to hurt. Once there, I parked in a spot and made my way in. It was crowded, but I hoped the one stall bathroom wasn’t taken – it wasn’t.

Quickly going into the stall and locking the door, I wiped the seat down before sitting down. I got out my phone, attempting to film this shit as an overhead angle video – which later became a fail because nothing was able to seen, only a small morcel of the shit was visible. Turning on the camera, I bent over, pushing with all my might. It felt like someone was squeezing my intestines like a play-doh toy. It had started with a fart, and then crackling in the toilet bowl. There was no plop.

Immediately, the stink began to overwhelm the stall. Whoever walked into this bathroom was going to be sick. After taking several minutes to get my breath together and stopping filming I stand up to see what I did. I had placed a large wad of TP in the bowl to stop it from getting lost in the U-bend. It was quite a turd, in fact, it looked like a replica of the burrito I ate. It left big skidmarks, but was partially hidden. Quickly removing the toilet paper, using it to make the turd more visible, I came face to face with a footlong turd, quite thick.

I wiped my ass throughougly with the cheap toilet paper they had, and I took a couple photos of it. I hit the handle to flush..

Nothing, the toilet paper didn’t even budge. I tried again – and for some reason I didn’t film it. I quickly peered between the cracks of the stall, not that I could really see anything, and made my clean escape to the sinks. Immediately after I went to go wash my hands, I saw a trucker guy come in, wearing cowboy boots. He smiled at me as he walked in. I smiled back but then nervously I decided to stare back at the mirror.

He entered the stall and locked it, he stopped in his tracks, I heard it.

He tried to flush it again, and I assumed it didn’t go down because he started rolling toilet paper to wipe the seat. Immediately, I hear a barage of crackling, the restroom stinking worse then when I had used it. I left the restroom going back to the car. I waste some time, cleaning it out and all that, and then I go in the store, buying myself a candy bar and some water. I head back in the bathroom, the clientele had completely changed and apparently there was a shift change, so I didn’t have any worry.

I walked in the bathroom, immediately the odor hit me. I pretended to wash my glasses at the basin, when I heard the toilet flush, and again. I guess he gave up because he unlocked the stall door, having a nervous look on his face before he washed his hands and left. After he had left, I went into the stall where the toilet was covered in skidmarks, but my turd was down the drain mostly, huh, I guess he had the magic.

I left the gas station feeling much relieved, ready to continue on with my day.

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