so yesterday was no different to any other weekend. Time to have wet underwear.

However, on this occasion i had to attend a meeting with some friends.

I had showered and dried off. I pulled on my usual soft absrbant underwear but decided not to wear my usual protective plastic underwear under my trousers because i didnt want to feel different to anyone else. .

The meeting took place in a very cold hall with little heating and the venue provided copious cups of tea in an attempt to keep folk warm.

halfway through the meeting i was begining to feel my bladder filling up, and by the end of the meeting the combination of the cold and the tea was begining to have an effect.  I was getting desperate but not enough to make me rush off to the toilet, i was confident i could hold on until i got home.

When the meeting finished i was standing with a small crowd of people. Some i knew and some i didnt.

By now the urge to pee was getting to breaking point so i decided to let a little into my underwear. I seriously mis-judged the amount and i had forgotten that i didnt have my usual protective pants on. Once i had started to piss, i was having a job stopping it, and by now the pee was dripping down one leg.

I grabed my crotch and managed to stop the flow, made my appologies and left quickly.

Walking back to my car was a nightmare because i was still needing to piss so pee was squirting out into my jeans and underwear with each step i was taking.

 If only i had worn my plastic pants afterall, then it would not have been a problem

By the time a had driven home i was absolutly satuarted and the wee had spread around my arse as well as around the front and down both legs.

Finished up with a nice wank, but i wont be forgetting my protective pants again


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