oops I did in a library ….

I’m doing bad thing in my panties being in a library. I revise courses with some of my friends, spend all this for the better. But after two hours I felt a pressure on my anus, but I told myself that it was nothing so I resumed my reviews, but my desire to poop became stronger and I start having wrong. Not to appear suspicious in the eyes of my friends, I told them “I have to get something in store for my mom,” they told me “ok see you tomorrow in class.” I took my things and walk fast, but getting near the Stairs down I felt something push on my anus, suddenly a little turd the size of a golf ball is falling into my panties. I start to panic for fear of being seen by my friends, so I’m going to hide in a corner or he had no one, I think of what I could do there now with my desire to poop that start to become very urgent or even unbearable. But in my heart I felt very naughty and very excited. I thought why not undress a little to enjoy this naughty fun. Alor I start off my black shirt and my bra and blue night I ran my left hand under my black short skirt to rub my pussy through my white panties. I felt my panties get wet little by little and I felt my desire to poop up increasingly. I hold onto a shelf and put squatting to start letting this hot mass that request has come out of my anus. I felt it slipping slowly, but suddenly it stops, I thought the pants prevents this monster out, I start pushing a bit but every time I release the pressure poo return to my anus. So I started to push hard in making sweet and exciting growl at once, it came out but not too fast, I feel that the first chunk is in my pants must be at least 5 inches, but I do not feel not empty, then I leave it to push again and again but I start having to pee but if I push my poo pee going out, what should I do?. I had an idea the toilet was still empty so I rush with all my stuff in the toilet. I finally safe in the bathroom, I put myself squatting on the toilet bowl and I start to pee, I love the warmth that spreads on the bottom of my pants. After this pee so succulent, I take my big painful poo which is the out of my anus. I pushed with all my strength I feel it slipping through the hole that gives me pleasure, I let out a soft poo form but it spreads in my pants that filled seen eye, I pass my hand over the bulge and I feel it every push that swelled as if it were a baby coming out of my ass, I continued to push, I’m out of breath, I take a break, suddenly someone comes in toilet and takes the toilets to my left, I heard grunting and moaning, pushing a large hard shit, that girl would probably be constipated but looking below I saw her go poop in her panties and not in the toilet, she touching pussy pushing and moaning and then once its finished pooping she left the toilet with his poo to buttocks in her pink panties. I resumed my shit, I push hard and suddenly all the poop comes out, it was soft and I could not stop it, poop slip into my panties for 5 seconds and then I was empty, but very happy to I finished with that pain. I masturbate like crazy and I wet my pants hmmmmm what intense pleasure. I clean and I change panties because I always have one in my purse. I went home, thinking back to my happy pig.

I hope you enjoyed, I have other 🙂

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