Gender: Male

Relationship: None

Pov: Males

Requested: No

Backstory: Your a business man who today has been driving around all day, going from company to company, meetings to meetings, and of course has had to keep his Hydration up but hasn’t had any time to Pee, and This is the results.


Jake was finally on his way home from work, he’d been going back and forth all day, hadn’t even been able to have a lunch break, he was just on his way home now from his final meeting, with now a full bladder, it was a forty minute drive as the company location had been quite far from his normal work site, so that was bad anyway, but he was also stuck in traffic, and to make it worse, had had a full bladder.

He had just finished he would say his third bottle in probably the last 2-3 hours, and his bladder was now full, he was squirming in his seat slightly as he also tried to forget about the feeling, which was hard to do when your stuck in barely moving traffic and there is absolutely nothing to do, soon as about ten minutes later passed a strong wave of urge hit his bladder and he couldn’t help but groan softly, squeezing his legs together, but pushed on anyway, the feeling now starting to get worse, but still, he tried to ignore it.

Soon he then knew that it was now impossible to ignore the urge and he knew he couldn’t hold on for much longer, he looked around but knew he couldn’t pull over to the side and just Pee because EVERYONE Would see as there was no forest or trees anywhere, Jake groaned softly to himself as he leaned over slightly in his seat, a hand now jammed against his crotch, he knew there wouldn’t be a rest stop anywhere near by at least until he got close to home, and he was starting to become desperate as he then looked around, knowing no one else would be able to see inside the car he unbuckled his belt slightly and unbuttoned and unzipped himself, he let out a sigh of relief, it helping slightly, The traffic slowed to a stop again which quite helped him in that situation, he instantly jammed his other hand down his underwear and wrapped his hand around his dick, gripping as to try to help and soothe the slight pain.

The traffic had started moving again, him only using one of his hands as the other was still wrapped around his now slightly throbbing cock, he groaned softly to himself as another urge hit before then there was a sudden bump in the road and he gasped softly as a spurt of pee escape into his boxers, he sucked in a breath and still held it, taking every fibre in him to not just let go, the small bit of relief had felt amazing as he let go of his breath and kept driving.

He soon then after about ten more minutes became extremely desperate as all that was on his mind was wanting to pee, he knew he wasn’t going to make it to a rest stop or even behind a tree, and definitely not home as he huffed in frustration and a sharp pain in his bladder hit as he whimpered, he then suddenly hit another bump in the road and he gasped as he let out another spurt, though it then turning into a short stream for a second, making his eyes widened as he moved his hand down and gripped his tip and then soon stopped, still feeling extremely full as there was now a wet spot on the front of his underwear, but not his pants yet.

He groaned as he then knew that if he was going to piss somewhere or himself, he couldn’t do it while driving, he would most likely have an accident while he’s having an accident, he then quickly at the first chance he got, pulled off to the side of the road and turned the car off hoping no one would notice him, he instantly leaned his head back and gripped his dick, groaning softly as he then looked around the car, wondering if there was anything he could use but alas he did not find anything as he sighed, he couldn’t pee outside as he was too Pee shy, he knew it was going to happen and he knew he was going to burst at any moment, he pulled his hand out of his underwear and buttoned and zipped his pants back up, though not putting his belt back on, he got comfy, sliding down in the chair slightly as he leaned back, he leaned his head back and closed his eyes lightly, he let out a sigh of relief and for the first time all day just relaxed and let go, at first nothing came out before a slow trickle came out, soon it then became a thick stream as he groaned softly, his mouth slightly open and his eyes rolling into the back of his head from how good it felt, he had never felt this much pleasure before as he then instantly drenched his pants, but he didn’t care as the stream got thicker and harder as he just kept moaning to himself in the car, he spread his legs slightly as he arched his back slightly, another wave of pleasure washing over him as he moaned louder to himself, he knew he was enjoying this too much but right now in the moment he didn’t care, he moved his hand down to his crotch, feeling the hot piss against his hand as he bit his lip.

The stream soon came to a stop as he then collapsed back into his chair, panting softly, his legs still spread, his pants drenched and also the seat, but he didn’t care as he kept his eyes closed for a moment before slowly opening them and looking down to his mess that he had made, he sighed and smiled slightly to himself, still letting a few trickles out sometimes as he sat up straight, biting his lip as he then started the car and instantly drove off, the traffic now starting to slightly clear out, and him now feeling extremely turned on as he started to harden in his pants, he knew what he was doing when he got home.

And he now knew that day as the time when he found out his new fetish.

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