Ooopsie!Let me explain..

Explaining my accident: I had such a busy day today from the time I woke up until late today…I didnt even realize I didnt take a poo in the morning like ive been doing for a while now until half way through work :/ uhh ohh I havent gone since yesterday morning and boy was it ready to come out!!! By the end of work the urge was so strong I speed walk to my car.I do 60mph all the way home and i feel the urge becoming stronger with every long mile.Finally in the garage! I find a close park and catch the elevator;five more people come in the elevator behind me- oh no. I press my floor number and am shifted to the back of the elevator by the crowd.The first person gets off-im still holding, i can feel my stomach growling and hope no one hears.The second person arrives at their floor and by now im closing my eyes, breathing heavy to myself trying to avoid the intense feeling of what feels like the biggest,loudest fart ive ever let out. Luckily it is not a fart but i can feel the intense feeling evolve into a slow churning rumble as the elevator takes off to the nexts stop.As the third stop approaches im now squeezing the rail behind me so tight I should have an imprint,but nothing is tighter then my butt cheeks which im clinching so tight I look like im about to do a standing crunch;I can feel the tip of the well needed dump pushing its way out my tightened hole.The only thing saving me is the fact that im in the back of the elevator and everyone is looking straight ahead. As we shoot up to the next floor I feel the already prairie dogging log break off between my butt cheeks and a small droplet of turd nestles unseen in my butt crack…finally the fourth stop,my stop! just in time for me to casually slide out the elevator without looking as if i was the sudden stink bomb. I rush inside still knowing I have so much more ready to come out.I set up the camera,check my panties to see how bad my lil accident was and share the remainder of my started accident..showing the small turd first and then having some more great fun finishing the poop i was needing allday in my already poopy panties.(video available on my page-Babythighs) Enjoy!

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  1. that must have being very exciting hanging on like that, well done mel & drongo

  2. Wooooow omg! babe, you did something that mostly happened to me! a few month ago! very good experience!!!!!:-) mmmh i really love your story experiences! hot!!!

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