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(Fantasy based on things msged to me. As usual if you send me something I like the sound of I will consider writing it up)

It was just an ordinary early morning weekday working from home. Everyone at the company had been doing it for months now and it had become normal. I doubted that everyone else was holding in 5 days worth of shit though, like I was. Just the thought caused my stomach to cramp. Oh well, time for some fun.

I reached for the packet of laxatives in the kitchen cupboard and took 2 of the pills, looking forward to the “accident” that this would bring on. After swallowing those I headed over to my home PC just to check my work emails, if there was nothing important then I could forget about work for a while. My heart sank at the subject line on the most recent email from my immediate boss – “Agenda for this mornings online Zoom meeting”.

“Fuck!”, I said out loud to nobody in particular. I’d forgotten about that! I skim read the email, it just contained a list of peoples initials next to each of the companies projects to indicate when each person would be expected to give an update on what. My initials were listed next to 2 projects.

The online meeting would start in about an hour. Do I just go for a shit now, or hold it until after? I decided to hold. It would be more satisfying to go afterwards.

I passed time until the meeting by getting my camera and mic setup then making myself look presentable. All the while my stomach gurgled and my rectum ached. I grabbed a coffee and sat down at my PC just before the meeting started. A grid of the camera feeds from myself and the 8 other people in the meeting appeared on my screen. After the usual “Hi there”‘s and “How are you”‘s our boss went over all the important business stuff before handing over to the first person on the agenda to give an update. I could only half listen to them as the pressure inside me kept building. I had to keep looking at the image from my own camera, that image which everyone else was seeing of me, just to make sure I was keeping the urges to shit off my face. I could see that I was looking quite uncomfortable despite my best efforts not to.

It was my turn to give a project update, the first of two. I tried to sit still as I ran through all the details “I emailed the client yesterday, still waiting for a reply”. My stomach began to tighten. “We should be able to invoice them…hang on…”, I trailed off as my anus ached “…by the end of the month”, I finished. I realised I was fidgeting in my seat, and that the 8 other people were probably staring at me.

“Ok, thanks Leia”, said my boss as she made notes on some unseen piece of paper in front of her, “We’ll hear from you again later but next up it’s Sally”. Sally began to give her update. I relaxed until I felt another urge to shit, a big one. As I fought that off I glanced at my video feed and saw the discomfort on my face. Immediately I tried to calm down and look normal. The aching from my anus grew stronger and I could already feel my teeth clenching with the pain. I set my camera to go blank, so all anyone else would see was a black rectangle with my name in the middle. Leaning back I let out a strained groaning sound “uuuuggghhhhh”, then did it again as the urge to shit my pants grew.

I heard my boss say, “Is everyone OK out there?”, the someone else said “Sounds like someone isn’t!”. It suddenly occurred to me that just because my camera was blanked didn’t mean my mic wasn’t still on. “Sounds like someone is having a good shit!”, the previous speaker continued raising much laughter from everyone else. “Leia?”, my boss called out, “You alright, we can’t see you?”. I tried to stay silent as the urge to shit subsided, then picked up my coffee and put my camera back on, “Yes”, I replied, “Was just getting a drink, sorry, I’m back now”, I said, holding the cup up to the camera. My phone buzzed at an incoming text message. It was a message from one of the other people in the meeting, a close colleague named Steve, it read “Going for coffee were you?”, I quickly replied with “Yes, was parched”. He almost immediately replied back – “Oh, cos that sound together with the look on your face just before you blanked your camera made it really seem an lot like you were going for a shit LOL”.

Damn! I should have been more careful! I messaged him back – “You got me, had to go real bad, done now”. The meeting wore on, project update after update was given. The laxatives must have been kicking in big time because the urge to shit was coming over me stronger and stronger. I had to keep glancing at my video feed to try to make sure nobody could tell, but I could see that I looked very uncomfortable and was squirming a bit. My phone buzzed, it was a message from Steve “You didn’t really go did you?”

“None of your business”, I texted back. The shit pains got worse. I tried fighting them off but was coming so close to shitting myself, all while trying to keep a straight face. My anus started to open slightly as the strongest push yet came from inside me, as I went to blank my camera again (and mic this time too) I heard my name called. “Yes?”, I asked. “Your final project update please Leia”, replied my boss.

Oh great, now they would all be looking at me! “There’s still some work to go…I…”, I couldn’t help but stop as the need to empty my rectum intensified. I pretended to go through some papers in front of me. “It’s a big one, is it?”, asked Steve, “What?”, I replied, “This project”, he continued, “a bit of an ordeal to get this one out?”. Damn him. “Yes…I…sorry guys can I get back to you on this one…I just have to find something!”. “Sure Leia, you can go after the next update instead which is from…Steve”, replied my boss.

I blanked my camera and turned off my mic, then stood and leaned on the desk in agony. I was going to shit myself and there was nothing I could do about it. “Yeah just one sec”, said Steve as he could be seen fiddling with his phone. My own phone buzzed right after “Aww, I thought I was gonna get to see you do it for a second there, spoil sport” read his message.

Did he now? Well alright then! I picked up my phone and started a WhatsApp video call to Steve, then I placed the phone on my chair and hovered above it with the forward camera pointing right up my skirt. I watched his camera in the online meeting, he was still talking about his project. He glanced down as my video call request came through. “Answer it you fucking idiot”, I muttered as my anus began to split open. “One sec guys”, he said to the meeting as he answered the call. I saw his eyes widen and his mouth drop after he accepted the call. Immediately I relaxed my sphincter and let the massive shit begin to push its way out. He immediately disconnected from the meeting. “Oh fuck oh fuck, oh my God Leia”, I heard him say via the WhatsApp video call, “That is sooo sexy”, he continued. Shit was moving slowly out into my underwear, it felt so good coming out of me. There was a lot of it. I couldn’t help but moan and groan as it pushed its way out, stretching my anus as it did. Steve began to moan and groan too. It didn’t take much to figure out what he was doing.

I finally finished, and from the sounds of it so did Steve. I hung up the video call on him, then pushed my chair away and squatted so it would look like I was sitting down, then put my camera and mic back on “Sorry everyone”, I said, “I have that info now”. “Well Steve suddenly disconnected”, said my boss, “So can you give your update now?”. I started delivering the info about the project, part way through Steve rejoined the meeting. “Sorry about that, internet went down for a minute.”, he explained.

The meeting finished too, eventually. I headed to clean up. My phone buzzed with an incoming message “Fucking hell Leia, thank you”.

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  1. Great story!!! Now you’ve got me wondering how many people actually loose their internet during those meetings 🤔 I haven’t actually had to use this one YET. And how many times those twisted faces are fighting off a persistent urge 🧐 I know anytime around 8:00am is a bad time for me to be in a meeting. Or was that squeak really the leather seat 😂 I’ve had a few rumbles myself in which I quickly glanced at everyone to see if there’s a reaction.

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