One Week – Part 1

This was it. Dean finally had a week to himself. He needed a break, need a vacation away from the job, away from everything.

Once he got the time, Dean knew exactly what he was going to do. Head to some town in the middle of nowhere, where no one cares enough to know who he was or what he did.

On his way there in his car, he already started planning. What he’d do, where he’d do it, all the while drinking as much water as he could. There wasn’t going to be any rest stops tonight.

You see Dean had this kink. This big, dirty kink that he never got to indulge the way he wanted. Sure, he could enjoy himself a little every now and then, but there was always the risk of someone catching him, even though the risk of being caught usually got him hard as nails in 2.0 seconds – but he never wanted to risk it around people he knew. Hence, the vacation away from it all.

He drove for miles, and he was already feeling that nagging pressure in his bladder.

It made him hot all over, trembling with excitement. He wasn’t going to use a toilet once this week, and take as many risks as possible while doing it.

Everywhere, anywhere. He loved it. So dirty, so primal. Marking his territory. Watching piss flow out of his cock somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be going got him aroused so fast he saw stars.

And it began here, in his car – the car wouldn’t judge him.

Speeding down a dark, empty road, Dean shifted and squirmed in his seat. His cock was hard – but it wasn’t an issue. He learned to piss through an erection a long time ago.

He’d clean up tomorrow. He was just glad he had leather seats.

He jumped when a spurt of piss leaked into his underwear, gasping in pleasure and shock as the warm liquid soaked through.

He hummed in delight as he reached down and palmed himself, the small wet stain coming through on his jeans. He made sure to keep his eyes on the road, and one had on the wheel at all times. Safety first, after all.

He let a little more go, unclenched for just a moment and allowed piss to flow out of his cock into his boxers.

He swore, It felt so damn good. He didn’t wanna wait any more. He unzipped and pulled his cock out of his jeans, almost immediately letting go full force and aiming his piss towards his chest. He gasped at the pressure, the warmth as he soaked his tshirt, struggling to keep his eyes open as he pissed himself, eventually just letting his cock go, grabbing the wheel with both hands and pissing hands free onto his jeans, the material darkening quickly, his piss flowing everywhere.

It was messy, wet, hot. Just how Dean liked it. His stream seemed to go on forever, it dripping onto the floor when there was no where else for it to go.

It finally ended, and Dean was throbbing, aching for a different kind of release. It didn’t take long to come, stroking his cock just the way he liked it, it soaked and slippery with his piss; and he was coming, orgasming just as messily as he just pissed.

He barely managed to keep the car straight, but fuck it – the road was empty anyway.

There was a motel an hour away, and all he could hope was that his clothes didn’t dry by then. He wanted them to see. He’d tell them he spilt something. That he had an accident with his water bottle. They’d never know for sure, maybe suspect something, but Dean would love it.

Luckily 15 minutes out from the motel, Dean had to go again. So he did, he just let go. His cock was back in his boxers and jeans zipped up, he pissed himself, humping the air as he soaked himself for the second time that night, shivering in pleasure as it ran down his legs and into his boots.

God it felt good. This week was going to be amazing.

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  1. lol think it was ok just needed to bit more exciting like being caught doing in public and somebody joining in

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