One summer of waiting for this memorable morning…

Hi guys, I know some of you liked the videos I did a while back. I know some of you would like to see more of me, but during this summer I litterally had no time to do anything! I found a full time job, and had a lot of things to do. Plus, I have a girlfriend (she’s not into this fetish) and my mother was on a job break during more than a year (cancer recovery) So I had very little time for intimacy to poop my pants recently but this morning was worth all the waiting. Unfortunatly, I have no picture or video to prove anything, I KNOW I SHOULD OF but I didn’t. Next time.

Woke up this morning. My girlfriend was at school and my mother at work. I had the appartment to myself. It’s been a really long time this had not happenned to me like I said so I wake up, take some cereals (these always help me poop in the morning) and start eating it while going on facebook. Five minutes latter, I suddenly feel the need to poop. I start looking for my cigarettes because I like to smoke before unleashing my load, because it always help to be even more desperate to poop. I don’t find them. I remember I smoked all of them in a recent party I went. Well, there’s a dep near my place. I take some change and go up there. The urge is getting bigger… I know this is gonna be a good load. I arrive at the dep, and there’s like 4 peoples waiting. I get in the line and wait. I’m thinking : wow these people have no idea i’m just about to shit my pants very bad. And at one point I nearly walk away just to do it outside because I was very desperate…

Anyway, I managed to wait long enough to buy cigarettes and on my way home I see a cute young boy walking and also smoking a cigarette in front of my house. It excite me. I get in front of my appartement (the outside has some trees for me to hide from the people on the street) I take a cigarette and light it.

Ahh… these moments. I’m not a big smoker, I smoke like from 0 to 2 cigarettes a day. But to help feel the desperation even more, there’s nothing like a cigarette in the morning for me. Every puff seems to contract your bowels even more and It make the heart race a little more, and the waiting starts to be very unconfortable, yet the more you wait, the bigger and better it always seems.

After 5 puffs, I decide I cannot wait one more second and I just stop to think about everything.

That’s it. I pooped my pants with a very soft yet not messy and amazingly big healthy load. My cigarette is half finished and is not lighted anymore. I just touch the load without deforming it. See how big it is. I can see it thru the shorts I’m wearing. I just look outside on the street and imagine the voice of the people I hear seeing me. I’m kinda shy about it yet feeling… proud. I come home, go in the bathroom. I usually take a mirror to see my load and look at it. It is big. The biggest I’ve done in years. And not very smelly. Very massive, and the texture is very, I don’t know how to say that really but… very pleasant. Not sticky and very soft at the same time. I think it has to do with the fiber I ate latelly. Wow.

After that, time to masturbate. I take my mirror and put it on the ground. then I look at my load when i’m sitting on it. I always prefer when the poop goes on my balls then on my back. So I sit in it. Wow… so big. The poop start to get out on the side. I take my cock and start to masturbate. I look at the mirror, I touch the poop from my underwear trying to get the poop on my balls. 2-3 minute later I came on my belly.

Cleaning was very easy. As I said, it was soft yet not sticky or messy. I love that.

Believe me, next time this happen… I’ll think about filming it and I will have one of the more exciting video on this site, I promise!

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the mistakes, I’m not perfectly bilingual!

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  1. Welcome back! Glad to see you have returned! Great story!

    Bienvenue ! Heureux de voir que vous avez retournés! Belle histoire! C’est bon, mon française est terrible, analgésies est mon premier langue ici en Canada-ouest! Lol

  2. loved that you masturbated after your poop that is exactly what i did the other day after i shit myself

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