One of those days

Did you ever have one of those days, where you just did not care what happened?  I did a while back, and I thought I would tell you about it.  When I got up, I was in foul mood.  I had errands to do that day, but just did not really want to do any of them.  I finally got out of bed and took my shower without even taking time to take a shit or piss.  After my shower, I put a diaper on, and went to make myself a cup of coffee or two and a bowl of cereal and milk for breakfast.  After eating I felt a little better, but not great.  I went back to finish dressing.  I put on a shirt and a pair of jeans, and just felt like lying down again.  I did, and just started playing with myself.  I did not take my pants and diaper down, I just started rubbing my cock through my pants.  It did feel good.  I stopped before I came, because I did not want to have to clean myself up before I left the house.  However, my cock stayed hard for a while after I stopped, because it was rubbing against my diaper as I moved.  

My first stop was at the bank.  There were a lot of people queued up waiting for a teller.  While I was waiting, the urge to piss became overwhelming.  I held it back for as long as possible.  I could feel a wet spot in my diaper, but was able to pinch it off with just muscle control.  I did not want to look obvious that I had to take a piss.  I thought it would look funny if I stood there and crossed my legs, or grabbed my crotch to hold back my piss.  I did not want to lose my place in line, because there were now a lot of people queued up after me.  With just one person in front of me, the pain in my kidneys was too much for me.  I just relaxed my muscles, and pissed.  It felt so good to just stand there and feel warm wet piss soaking into my diaper.  I pissed so much that the warm wetness started to wick up my backside.  By the time I reached the teller for my banking transactions, my mood was better.

Next stop was the garden center.  I had to pick up some potted plants for the yard.  I got a flatbed cart and began to fill it up with plants.  Walking around the outside gardens got my bowels working.  I had to poop!  I thought I would hold back from pooping as long as possible.  I walked up and down the aisles, and could feel my poop crowning.  Using muscle control I pushed it back, but a few minutes later it started crowning again.  I pushed back a couple of times, until I could not push it back anymore.  I just leaned against the handle of the cart and started shitting my diaper.  Even though I was outside, and there was a lot of background noise, I could hear the crackling sounds as poop came out.  It pushed hard against my diaper and jeans.  I felt the poop smashing as it hit my diaper.  It just kept coming out and started traveling up my ass and around my balls.  It felt so good!  I did not want to stop shitting.  When I did finally finish pooping, I just continued my shopping.  I really wanted to sit down on one of the display benches and rub poop into my balls and ass, but thought this would be a little un-nerving to other shoppers if they should see me.  They would probably wonder what I was doing!  I went to the checkout and purchased my plants.  No one was any wiser as to what I had just done.  By now my mood had changed to one of happiness.

It was getting to be lunchtime now, and I knew exactly where to go and what I wanted.  It was a little outdoor walk up Mexican fast food place, and they served the biggest greasiest burritos and tacos.  I bought the burrito, 2 tacos, nacho chips, and an extra-large soda to wash it all down.  I sat down at an outdoor table to eat.  When I sat down, poop compacted in my diaper.  I felt it sliding up and down my ass, balls and cock.  I got an erection from the feeling of this.  Casually, I ate my lunch and waited for my erection to subside.  Now all I had to do was to have nature to take its effect.   

I decided to forgo the rest of my errands, because I wanted to get the plants home before they started to wilt.  When I got into my car, I put a towel down on the driver’s seat, so as not to soil the seat in case anything leaked out.  In the time it took to drive home, my lunch had worked its magic.  My bladder was telling me it was time to be emptied, and my bowels were full and starting to push everything out.  I wanted to hold everything in until I had finished unloading the plants and getting them into the back garden.  Just as I set down the last of the plants, the flood gates opened.  I stood back up, and started pissing and shitting at the same time, the weight of my latest piss and poop pushed heavily against my diaper and pants.  The diaper was overflowing.  The tape tabs were ready to burst open.  This was probably caused by the wet diaper leaking and causing the adhesive tape tabs to weaken.  My jeans were holding the diaper up.  I felt wetness on my inner legs, and noticed large dark spots beginning to appear on my jeans.  Since the back garden is fairly private, I did not worry about being seen by anyone, and just continued to piss and shit my pants.  After I had finished, I sat down on the ground.  Warm poop oozed its way all up and down my ass and crotch area again.  I knew my cock and balls were completely covered.  I rolled around on the ground, and felt the warm mixture sliding up my back getting my shirt wet and dirty.  It also leaked out the legs of my diaper and down my legs.  My diaper it seemed had given up trying to contain the whole mess.

I unfastened my jeans and slid them down to below my knees, and started rubbing my poop covered cock through my diaper while massaging my balls.  I got the biggest, hardest erection I had gotten in a long time.  I rubbed and played with my cock and balls so much and so hard, I almost ripped a hole in the diaper.  Finally I could not take it anymore, and shot my load into the dirty diaper.  Hot cum felt so good in my diaper.  When I finished shooting my load, I felt so relaxed, and my mood was great!

I just lay there for a while.  When I finally removed my cloths, my jeans, were more soiled than I thought, but I did not care.  Removing my shirt, it was also soiled from the tails to well above my waist line, front and back.  I begrudgingly removed my diaper; I really wanted to leave it on, but I knew I could not.  I wiped my ass, cock and balls off with my shirt and jeans, and left everything including my filled wet diaper in a pile on the ground, before going into the house to take a nice long warm shower.

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  2. Now I know I need to get into a diaper that sound amazing I’ve just started holding it all day wow can it be a distraction but I think the payoff is wreth it. Great story

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