one hot day

It’s mid summer, and the morning is pretty warm as I woke up to a empty house. I rolled over to feel a good hard-on and a need to piss and that grumble one gets when you know it’s almost time to shit. But why get up right, I have a night time diaper on so there is no need to get up, I can empty right here, but the thought of being alone I can enjoy the morning and let the pressure build some.

First lets set the stage, I am 32 and BI, I live with a room mate, he is 45 and we both drive for a local cheese company and his name is Dave. Well Dave drives over the road, and I am local, so I get lots of time off. Dave and I are NOT a couple but he knows about my diaper fetish, and he has been good about it being in a town of only 2,000 people. Dave and I rent a down stairs part of a old house out in the country, and the up stairs there is two gals, both work at the same company as we do. The gals are very friendly, one is Mary, short with dark hair and big tits, and the other is Sue, nice ass but no tits and about 5,8, now all of us have had cook outs in this big back yard several times, but that is all the contact us four have had.

Well getting up this bright morning, knowing Dave is gone, I look out the window and see all the cars are gone except mine, wow cool, I really have the whole house so to speak. I make a pot of coffee, turn on my comp. and see who is on to chat with. I log on to several sites, poopeelife is one, and I did not have to wait long and the chatting was getting hot. Well I still was holding my morning piss load and used my coffee to load good taste, many loved it, and less filling to. It did not take long and I was outside on our deck to real get piss hosed, (just love to shower in piss) but for this I would walk out in the yard.

On one request I walked out in the yard, but this time I saw a car in the garage, now none of us use the garage and it looked like sue’s car, well I looked up to there deck, (witch was right above mine) and saw no one, but made a dash for cover, maybe sue road with Mary, the idea of being caught was a night mare. After a few minutes I thought what the hell right, and got a request for a golden shower from someone, well by now, my phone was ringing, and to my surprise it was a lady, and she said she was enjoying my show all morning, and she requested I talk with her as I pissed on cam, well sure, right, and out I went. I was out only six feet or so so the cam could give her a close shot, and I could here her moaning while my piss stream shot strait up.

When I was done I really started to feel the need to shit my diaper and I told her so, and that’s when she said I have to be with you, but she had a concern that I was really BI, I told her I was, with a confused thought I my mind, witch made no sense to me, but that’s when this gal said, LOOK up, and there was Sue on her deck. All I could do is run back to my chair and sit down, still with my phone to my ear, and she said don’t move, and down the stairs she came.

Sue walked up and layed a wet kiss on me and grabbed my now wet diaper from the out side. that seamed to relaxed me and could start to feel my cock starting to grow and all of a sudden sue pulled back and with a huge smile said I have a surprise for you, and with that she turned her back to me and lifted her skirt up to show me her nice smooth ass with no panties on, but when she turned back around, there was a cock looking at me, it was the skinniest cock about the size of a broom handle but with the biggest head, about the size of a mushroom, and all about ten inches long, at that point I could say nothing, I just opened my mouth and sucked like crazy until I felt a hot stream of piss start to fill my mouth. I drank as much as I could, but got a bath for my trouble.

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