One hot day, (part 2 )

Sue had finished her/his piss and I was soaked, and very full. Not realizing my cam was still on and facing our way as sue pulled her hard cock out of my mouth I looked at about seven requests to chat, but my focus was on sue, and his fantastic cock. Dripping the last bits of piss from his head, sue back away and down on her knees and I knew what she wanted as I pulled my soaked diaper to the side as my cock popped out shinny and wet and all I could do is return the piss favor as sue completely devoured my rod. I always had a hard time pissing with a hard-on , so my stream was off some witch made sue never miss a drop.
Sue stood up licking her lips and I got a good look at her small, but well rounded tits with her nipples standing strait out. We both wanted to say, ” I never knew”, but all we did was smile as I pulled her to me as we locked lips in a deep passionate kiss. I had to have that ass but as I reached around while we were kissing I got a warm and squishy surprise as I found the back door. Sue moaned as a finger slipped in with ease and I could tell she was full and in need. well that made two of us as she found my very wet but greasy hole inside my diaper. We broke our kiss with a smile as my finger started to be pushed hard as a good log was working it’s way down, so I gave a push to so she could feal my morning load to. With one hand of her cock, and the other up her shitty hole I could tell sue was turned on so much by the dripping she had out of that cock, she was close to cumming, so I turned quickly around and pulled my diaper off and bent over the table and guided that cock to my shitty hole. Sue needed no invite, with a few swipes, she pushed and that mushroom head finally slipped right in. We both could feal all that shit coat and lube as sue started to pump. With each pump, that head worked like a vacuum, it would pull more and more shit out witch made sue more and more horny, and myself to, so I stopped sue for a moment, turned around, and laid on the table, that way I could see her messy cock, and this time she pump all the way in in one stroke. With this position I could see my cock dripping badly and had a reach for her dirty hole with my hands. sue never missed a chance, she used my pre-cum and stroked my cock with her hands with every pump in my sloppy hole, and with both of my hands I could finger her now coated hole and tickle her rose but to give me her shit, one hand full at a time witch I brought up to my face and chest. I could not hole my load anymore, so with a hard push it realy squished out and this made sue pump very fast, well with that I had a good shit load from sue, mine was just about every where, and I shot my cum load strait into the air, and sue on que, pulled out and shot a huge load on my cock and chest.

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