One Girls Radical Obsession ( The Girl Who Never Changed Her Diaper)

Since birth Jessica Smith has lived in a family of Conservatives and Christians,and old fashion mannerhood. born in 1993 to a wealthy middle class family,her father was the Ceo to a supermarket and her mother was a banker. Jessica was raised with her other brother with strict rules. she attended a Privite school to show her education and religon.allmost becoming antisocial her father has allowed her to go out into the worl acompanied by an adult.she was never taught Sexual education when she was 12…hell….she has to wait until she is an adult to learn it. at fifteen her aunt was going into labor and gave birth to a baby boy.Jessica was then fasinated by the idea of babys being small and inoccent. she then wanted to be a Nanny.Her father of cource was agreeing with her saying “God knows you. and you are well trained in the feild” but Jessica had a scence that her parents were hiding something from her whem she mentioned it,she wonderd were a child comes from…it didnt help her when she asked her parents and they flatout refuse to discuss. When she was 18 she was finaly told what repoduction was and had to learn what sex was. Jessica held a grudge against her parents for isolating her from the World. she than moved out and live with her Grandmother after many fights with her parents at the age of 20.this is were our story begins.

after six months of living with her Grandmother,she goes to see her Grandmother in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies.

Jessica-hello grandma, are you making cookies?

Grandma- oh hello jessica, yes i im making your favorite.

Jessica-thanks.I went to Wallmart and i could not find the right medication you needed , I asked one of the employees and they told me that there out of Stock til next week.

Grandma-ohh dear, those were my joint ach bills, me and my radling old bones are going to hurt tonight.

Jessica-well wallmart isn’t the only place that has medication. what if i go to Med 2 go or the Clarkvill Drug store.

Grandma-jessica that is thoughtfull, If you wish to then i will greatly apreciate your time, but if you need to have some cookies.

Jessica- i was going to anywany!

Jessica then puts on her jacket and takes two cookies, grabs her car keys and exits the house.she drives to med 2 go but finds out that there closed,she then drives to the clarksvill drug store.she sees as she pulls in to the store parkinglot that the store is open.she then walks in and see the wide varity of drugs to buy,she finds the medication that her Grandmother request. up on going to the check out she sees this guy. there was something about him that keep her interested in staring.he was Handsome and a guy to die for…his name was Darek. he is actually younger than Jeccia by a year, though he was younger he looked like he was 24.

Darek- excuse me miss but i may i help you?

Jessica then snaps back into reality.

jessica-ohhh sorry, yes i would like to buy a perscription here.

Darek-ok then that will be $24.99

Jessica-mmmmm heres a fifty.

Darek- you came just in time, we were about to close for the night.

Jessica-i must be lucky

Darek- i honestly cant wait to end this shift.

Jessica- does working here make you angry ?

Darek- well it pisses me off at times.

Jessica-sorry to hear.

Darek- parden my french. i seem to talk out a bit much. you have a nice night.

Jessica then exits the store and carries the perscriptions to her car.she then opens the door sits down and turns on the car.she paused there for a couple of seconds thinking of what just happend in the store, then then pulls out of the driveway and drives to her grandmothers.once she got to her grandmothers she walked in the door and finds her grandmother.

Jessica- grandma, i found the medication!

Grandma- spended, thank you dear. the Adams family called. they want to know if you were interested in watching Micheal.

Jessica-oh yes

Grandmother-ok honey,just head on over to there house and i will make a call back and tell them your interested.

Jessica-ok then, bye.

Jessica drives over to the Adams and is welcomed once there.

Mrs Adams- than you for coming over on short notice but we have some urrgent family matter we must deal with.there is money on the table for you get get delivery. we should be home late,if you get tired please make your self a home.

Jessica-thank you, Micheal is all ways a blessing to watch.

Micheal was a 5 year old who was not potty trained, he is a bit wild when it comes to his parents not being home eighther. after a few hours after jessica ordered dinner,she noticed a smell coming from Micheals diaper.she the goes and pulls out a diaper and sits it on the floor, she the picks up Micheal, little does she realize that Micheal had poo ozing out of his diaper,a huge glob of the poo was flung over on to jessica jeans smack down on her zipper and was slidding down.a bit disgusted she then gets angery at Micheal.once she put Micheal on the ground…she notice that he looked like someone she knew.that person was Darek. she was so fasinated by the idea that Darek was her true lover. once she changed Micheal and sent him to bed. she then went to the bath room and noticed that she still had the poo on her.i grabs a tiolet paper and attemps to move it. she pressed on it and tingled whenshe felt the warm on her sensitive area. she picks up the poo and looks at it.she then realized she had her other hand slowly creeping up and slowing glide her finger over the area.the poo had soaked threw her jeans but not threw her panties. she then continues to glide more and more over it. the stops…the warm feeling that was there was gone,she looed at her hand with the poo and realized she was getting hormonal attraction toward a tiny peice of poo. she threw it away and flushed the tiolet…but then she realized she wanted more of this feeling, she then tought who she would do so ? she then glanced over toward diapers that were sitting in new packaging.she started to grabing her groin area tightly and more faster….she was losing her mind! She wanted this feeling! Jessica then grabs the diapers and takes off her pants and panties and puts on the diaper…once finished she looked at her self in the mirror and blushed.she then puts back on her jeans but puts her panties in her pocket. she sits on lays on the couch and watches tv.upon a few minutes she had to pee.she stood up yo use the restroom but stoped when she realized she had a diaper on. standing there. she then pees into the diaper and rubs her oussy in the mess.the diaper has not leaked or stained.she then rubs in circles around her pussy to enjoy the warm feeling . she moans and moans louder each circulation, she then got relaxed and all of a sudden, she gasped. she hears crackling near her rear and pusshes a log of poo in to the diaper. she then moans more, she then looked at the damage….there wasnt any. the bugle didnt apeare. she was quite surprised.she saw the parents arrive home and had to act. she zipped up her pants and hid the fac she was wearing a diaper.the parents walk in

Mr.Adams- helo, i see you survived yet again, was my son a fuss?

Jessica- Micheal was not trouble sir

Mrs Adams- thats good new,now you should get going, your grandmother is waiting for you at her house.

Jesica-oh yes

once jessica sat in her car seat,she can feel the warm poo smash against her bottom.she waves goodbye to the family and drives back to she grandmothers,still having more poo in her.she grunts and pushes more into her diaper.the poo was now smashed against her leaving her rally horny in the car.once she got home she noticed that her grandmother has gone to bed and that the grandmother knew Jessica will be home late.

Jessica runs to her room and stripes her cloathing down to her diaper.she then looked the the new damage and saw nothing.surprised she then goes to bed with the diaper on her.

Jessica woke up that moarning to find the diaper has gotton heavier and wet. i seems she peed in her sleep.she hasnt peed herself in bed since she was four.looking forward to this day she then looked at the diaper and said to herself “this is surly something i cant resist. the diaper seems to not have damage but instead of changing,she leaves it on and thinks of places that she can goto in a diaper. hours and then days go by,she had pooed and peed into the same diaper and the diaper was sagging and growing mold possibly.the amount of poo in the diaper took up all the space in the diaper, the poo was being pushed up Jessicas got to the point were the diaper was now discolored brown instead of white…Jessica was so attached to the diaper she never wanted to take it off.but one day changed her mind when she was out at her local park and saw Derak walking.she wanted to get his attention.

Jessica-hay, do i know you?

Darek-arnt you that one chick who was there at closing time.

Jessica-yes i im.

Darek-ohhhh hello there

Jessica-the park is bueatiful.

Darek-yes it is ma’am, but i need to get going home,i have to help my mother.

jessica-ohhh well i think your cute.

Darek-ammmmmmmmm thank you….

Jessica-as soon as i saw you i knew i will meet you more.

Darek-wait….are you…..stalking me!!!! im only 19 you crazy bitch.

jessica- 19 !


Jessica then leaves in panic and runs away crying.Darek then feels bad for scaring her off and begins to follow her.Darek then sees her hiding behind a tree.

Darek-please dont be upset….it must of been a simple mistake.

Jessica- noo please…im sorry for my actions

Darek-whould it help if we can talk about it.

Jessica-yes…lets sit down here.

Darek then sits first. Jessica the n sits and all of a suden feels the poo in the diaper explode out into her pants.the stench suddeny kicked in.

Jessica- OH MY GOODNESS…this cant be happening!

Darek-was that you? did you have an accident

Darek then sees the poo ozing out of Jessicas pants and on the ground.Darek was in shocked of what the hell happend.

Darek- are you ok ma’am?

Jessica-im sorry this is all my fault….

Darek-accidents do happen.

Jessica- no….im wearing an over loaded diaper full of poo and pee and i cant help the feeling of warm touching me…..the idea came to me when i was babysiting a kid who looked like you…he accidently flun poo on to my vagina….


Jessica- go ahead and say it……im a disgusting pig.

Darek-actually….i think its quite different of a girl to to when they are interested in me….most of them lie and advoid hiding there secrets during a first impression….but you……you shit and piss your self for enjoyment becuase you thinked being in love with me……..i think thats….what makes me stay here with you…you showed what you will do to be with me…i think thats kinda hot…here…this is my number.

Jessica-i thought you would be disgusted.

Darek-sure it was a bit extreme but you did it becuase you like how long have you been wearing that diaper ?

jessica- one week.

Darek- do you mind if i could persuade you do do it again. i think its hot for a girl to do this.

Jessica then jumped for joy and hugged Darek.

after weeks and months of dating the two becam madly in love with each other all becuase of creepy shady thoughts of a christian and a boys small diaper.

lesson may be-leave the right impression on someone when meeting them … might end up in deep shit if you don’t


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