On the way to Granny’s house

Last year I was visiting family down in Devon. I hadn’t had an accident for a while and wasn’t planning on having any “accidents” either while I was down there as I was going to be with family the whole time anyway.

Well, if you’ve read my other stories (please do) you’ll know that I’m on a mission to get a prolapsed incontinent hole (msg if you can help) and, as such I’m very loose, and I’m fully aware I’ll need diapers soon…

Anyway, I had walked into town done some shopping and was walking back to Granny’s house. The walk is up hill but only about 15 mins or so, she was going to be home when I got back too. Now, if you’ve read a few of my more recent stuff, you’ll know that stairs aren’t my friends…. Turns out, hills aren’t either!

As I started to go up the hill I could feel a pressure building with each step. I presumed it was just a fart so I thought nothing of it and carried on walking up the busy pavement. Then, suddenly, I just felt soft shit coming out my loose hole… Wtf ! There was nothing I could do about it, I couldn’t clench or anything, so I just resigned myself to the decent amount of poo now just falling into my underwear. People were walking by, idk if they noticed the smell or not, I was certainly walking funny. I was torn between being mega turned out I’d literally shit myself against my will and then being mega nervous that Granny was at home waiting for me to get back

What if she met me at the door? How would I get past her with an ass now covered in shit cos it was being squished everywhere with the walk up hill?

Luckily when I got back I was able to go straight upstairs, when I took off my pants in the bathroom the mess was intense and it took a lot of toilet paper to clean it. Then, as I couldn’t give shitty pants to Granny to wash, I had to scrub them in the sink and hide them in my luggage so she wouldn’t find them.

A very very close call!

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  1. Your visiting gran’s story reminds me of the time I was allowed to fly to where my grandma and cousins lived. It was quite different to your situation but an experience I will never forget.

    At the time we lived in a small mining town and the only practical way to leave was to fly. I was 12 and it was the first time my parents let me fly alone. That was exciting and made me feel like grown up even though I was still pooping my pants “accidentally” quite a lot. The day we went to the airport was quite exciting and it got even better when a rather attractive hostess introduced herself and told me she would be looking after me during the flight. Her uniform made her look incredible and I remember thinking she was the most beautiful creation I had ever seen. It seemed like every guy at the airport was looking at her as we walked through the airport and got on the plane.

    She seated me in the front row and when she finished preparing the plane and made her announcements she also sat down. That was on a fold down crew seat directly in front of me and not long after we took off, she began talking to me about what I was going to do on my holiday. As she did her amazing legs began to move apart until I had the most amazing view between her legs. I already loved anything to do with flying but that was much more exciting than any plane I had seen. It got even better when she got my foot off the floor and asked why it was bandaged. Not long after that she asked me if I needed to go to the toilet then said, “your mum told me you still having accidents in your pants, we better make sure that doesn’t happen”. That was a completely true but the fact my mother had told her was extremely embarrassing. The other thing that was also fact was that I did need to go but had been completely ignoring my body until then.

    The whole morning had been so exciting I had completely ignored my body until we began to walk to the toilet at the back of the plane. It was only then I realized my underwear were already dirty and she was probably about to find out. The only plan I could think of was to go in the toilet and hide my underwear and hope she didn’t discover but that didn’t work at all. Instead of waiting outside she came in and shut the door behind her, then proceed to pull my pants and underwear down. I was so stunned at what was happening I just stood there with no idea what to do or say. That was until she said, “even big boys have accidents”, then kissed me on my lips in a way I have never been kissed before. I won’t go into details about what else happened in there but all I will say is girls took on a whole new meaning after that. For a while after that flying to my Grans house was even more exciting then it had ever been before.

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