On The Tractor

Today, I had planned to start slashing the grass on our 50 acre property. It was a tedious task, but one that had its good side in that I was away from the house and neighbours and with the opportunity to be with myself and with nature as I spent the hours thinking about all sorts of things and listening to the radio.
The tractor was one of those big machines with an air-conditioned cab and the power to operate the wide slasher on the back. The seat was well sprung and it was comfortable enough to spend many hours behind the wheel. As I climbed up into the cab with my Esky full of food for morning tea and lunch and my 5 litre bottle of cold water, I realized that I should have gone for my morning poop which I had completely forgotten, in my haste to start work. I started the big diesel engine and let it warm up for a bit, but in the meantime, I half stood up in the cab and pushed out a huge load of poo into my underpants. This was nothing new that I did on my tractor as I had done this many times before.
With the engine now warm, I sat down on my load, feeling it squish out in all directions as I headed out for the day’s work. Like most agricultural terrain, it was not exactly smooth and as I bounced up and down in my seat, I could feel to poo moving into new territory, up my back and around my balls. I might even have had a smile on my face as I was enjoying the feeling.
There were times when I had to negotiate side slopes and it was then that I slid in my underpants from side to side, smearing the poo even further.
At morning tea time, I parked under the shade of a big tree to enjoy a cup of tea and a few biscuits and before setting off again, I pulled my pants down to inspect the damage. I had seen worse, so I pulled my pants up again and continued my work. With the constant buffeting from the rough terrain, I had the feeling that I still needed to poo some more and with a few extra pushes, another softer load spread out into my pants to join the first load. By then, my pants were really full and I put my hand down the front of my pants to find out how far the poop had reached. Just below my penis, my finger felt the soft poo and with my finger now messed with poo, I smeared in onto my penis.
By lunch time, I headed for the pump shed by the dam as I have done, so many times. I stripped off and got the pump running to give myself a hose down and to wash out the poopy pants which I hung up on the string line inside the shed. A clean pair was already in the line, together with an old towel that I used to dry myself off again.
With that excitement over, I spent the next half hour in the shade with my lunch box, thinking of the work that still had to be done tomorrow .

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  1. I drove a tractor when I was a high school kid and often wish I could go in my pants, but the opportunity never came up.

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