On the road

I am in Iowa and Illinois right now.

Travelling and visiting this week.  Surrounded by friends and family for the whole week before I go back home.  It is great to be out but I miss the wetting entertainments.  Holy cow, no one knows how badly I want to wet something.  Go to sleep wit heart racing at the idea, but unsure if I can get away with it.

I stayed at a friends house last night and did it.  I put on a pair of OP khaki beach/swimming cargo shorts and went to be after drinking about 2 liters of water from on old coke bottle.

I woke up at 2:00am with a straining bladder and a hard on.  The erection is rare for me.  I think it is more fun to not be erect at the time, so I was trying to distract myself, but how can I when I am making damp spots on my Croft and Barrow shiny microfiber boxer shorts.

I eventually calmed myself but started leaking amounts and ended up with a wet spot that was about the size to be almost hidden by a carefully placed hand.

I kneeled on the toilet and let it go.  I heard most of it running into the toilet as my bladder shrunk and the shorts started felling noticeably looser around my waist.

They dripped for a while before I got back onto the carpet and walked back to the bedroom.  I took them off and set them on the end table by the bed.  They were almost dry this morning.

I can’t wait until I get on my own where I can wet freely again.

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