On The Farm

Howard are had just spent a morning at his local livestock market. He always enjoyed it and although things were changing, and he admitted for the best, it was very much a world of men and Howard was happier in a world of men. He enjoyed the dirty jokes, the man smells and the entire environment. He could not own up to being queer but he could at least do what he could to enjoy it and that involved being with men, some of whom he guessed were like him as well.

He bid for several beasts as he stood behind a young guy who had recently taken over a farm up in the hills. They chatted and Howard felt some stirring, rather a lot actually, and found it difficult to hide his growing erection. He got an invitation to drop by when passing. After he had the beasts he required he paid and made arrangements to get them to his farm. Back in his Land Rover he did a thing he much needed to do. Howard wet his pants. For the last hour he had been discreetly holding himself and at last it burst into his white Jockeys and soaked his corduroy trousers. He loved the feeling of a wet bottom and hell his bottom was wet right now. As he drove he played with himself, unzipping his fly to get at his briefs. He did not want to have an orgasm as he drove but to save it for later at the farm.

Howard employed a lovely lad called Josh for the milking. He hoped Josh would not be busy later and able to stay on a while after his job was complete. Howard knew Josh wet his pants and enjoyed doing it and just a few weeks earlier Josh and he had gone to bed together and they had wet in Howard’s bed together.

It was later than Howard had realised and as he stood in the farm office he saw young Josh arrive on his bike and head for the fields to bring in the animals. He had such a lovely bottom. When Josh got back he watched him as he took off his jumper and revealed his red flannel shirt tucked into his baggy white trunks and his old green corduroy trousers he had cut off roughly a week or so earlier to form loose fitting shorts. He looked naughty and sexy to Howard who had to keep taking his fingers away from his cock in case he had an orgasm.

Howard needed a poo. He had been feeling the need since he left market but now it was becoming a demand rather than a need and without too much thought he loaded his briefs where he stood. he allowed his cords to fall around his feet and cupped his around his load. It was warm and soft and comforting. He had enjoyed the feeling ever since the first time on the way home from school with a friend.

He counted the cattle out of the shed and when there were only two to go he pulled up his cords again and went to see Josh who was squatting as he completed unhooking the final cow from the equipment. As Josh stood he saw Howard’s wet cords and smiled, held himself and Howard watched with pleasure as young Josh flooded himself. Howard kissed him and told him he would help him clean the barn. They worked together and Howard was loving the feeling of his load against his bottom and between his legs whilst Josh suspected his boss had pooped his pants. The thought made him excited and he was very hard and obviously very erect.

“Mr Howard,” said Josh. “I need the toilet for a poo. Can I go please?”

“Why not just do it in your undies Josh ?”

Josh needed no second ask and let go his load. Howard walked up to him and felt the bulging green shorts whilst young Josh felt his. Howard wet himself again and Josh dropped to his knees, slid his zip and took Howard in his mouth sucking him through his dirty briefs. It only took Howard five seconds before his ejaculation was pumping through the white Jockeys and into Josh who seemed to be relishing it. It was far from the first cock Josh had sucked for farmers in the valley but never had he sucked a guy who had pissed and messed his pants.

Finally Josh sat back on a straw bail, back on his messy bottom and Howard greedily went down on his young cock. Howard hardly noticed the smell and took Josh’s dick in his mouth and enjoyed it whilst Josh thrust and bucked until he shot into Howard’s mouth.

They went to the house to get clean. They cold hosed one another and Howard threw all their clothes into a bucket of disinfectant. They showered and in the shower Josh put Howard against the wall and gave his bottom a good seeing to. It was a first for Howard and for Josh, Howard was his first adult. It was good for both of them, a case of seriously good worker relationships with management.

Josh stopped the night in borrowed clothes and decided the next day it would be right to give management a victory.

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