Those two words always make me horny. It always pertains to two things piss and poop. This story is about poop. I was in the seventh grade and had been using my underpants as a toilet more than one time during class. I seemed to be able to get excused each time telling the teacher that I really had to go number two. This particular day was going to be a memorable day because I would have some of the biggest mess of my life. So I left the classroom and headed upstairs to the third floor boys room next to the science labs. That toilet was hardly used as it was too far from most of the classrooms and diligent students didn’t want to be late to class. It was to my advantage to go in there…less bodies bothering me. I walked into the stall and locked it behind me. I dropped down my top pants which were corduroys and then I dropped down my underpants. Well I wanted to make sure not to call attention to me if someone did come in so if they looked under the stall as some curious boys do, I wanted it to look like everything was normal. Pants dropped, underpants dropped. I am pooping in the toilet….NOT! It would appear that way but I had worn two pairs of undies that day. I still had a pair on to poop in. I did my usual grunting and pushing on it until I had a load in my pants. I was now HAPPY and ready to masturbate. My penis was hard from doing the load so I really wanted to sit in it first. I pulled my clothes back up and on and left the boy’s room and headed for the first floor where all the hard seats were. The courtyard had cement seats that I could mash my shit all over myself and then whip out my thing and do it. Walking down 3 flights of stairs made this shit somewhat mashed together but I really mashed it when I went out in the secluded courtyard and sat down in all this soft big mess. It went everywhere…all over my rearend, part of my legs, and it covered every part of my undies. It stunk too! I was so excited and it felt so good. I whipped out my penis and began to masturbate. As the orgasm was about to climax I put my penis back in my undies and squirted all over the inside of them. That felt so good squirting in my pants. White, sticky goo cum was pushing up against my undies as I squirted super good. Doing something else in my pants! I wanted to show my classmates what I just did but instead I went to the nurse . That year in school I managed to get changed by one of my teachers. She liked boys and probably was molesting us. The nurse called her and soon I was face to face with her and I knew I was on my way with her to the secret room where she changed me the last time. I was an innocent boy and she knew that. Why she wanted to change me I think she had a fetish for poopy pants or something. Like my fetish for shit. She didn’t molest me but she changed me like I was her baby son. That felt so cool getting changed by my teacher. That secret room was stocked with clean clothing and not sure where all that came from but I was happy I had something clean to wear. After awhile the mess doesn’t feel that good anymore.

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  1. Me to and there have been people in my life that like me doing it and doing it themselves.

    Although I didn’t realise it at the time one of my primary school teachers must have also liked boys, especially when they pooped in their underwear. Accidents were a very regular thing for me but she always waited until lunch time or the end of the school day to clean me up. Her excuse was so I didn’t go to after school care with dirty underwear and she always made sure the after school cares knew where I was.

    We always went in her staff room and she always locked the door. Instead of just changing me, which I was perfectly capable of doing myself she first took my pants off, then my underwear but only after some a really close inspection. Cleaning me also always took a while and I always ended up dirtier before she finally cleaned me properly. She always made sure I kept it secret from everyone but that was easy because I liked her attention.

    Another person that definitely liked me and my regular pants pooping was a friend’s older sister. She discovered I had done it accidently during a sleepover at their house and instead of being disgusted she cleaned me up. After that she started checking my underwear every opportunity she got and she soon made it very obvious she liked me a lot more then she should have. She always encouraged me to ask if I could stay at their house and the moment she was sure everyone was asleep she took me in her room. At the time I had made the transition from doing it accidently to doing it on purpose and she definitely encouraged me, amongst other things.

    The most recent was a housemates daughter who has a thing for dirty underwear, especially if they are pooed in. When I first began to realise someone was taking my dirty underwear I thought it was her mother until I saw her daughter sneak out of my bathroom. When I checked my washing basket I discovered the underwear I had been wearing that day were gone. When I checked her room I not only found my missing underwear I discovered she did it as well. A while after that while we she told me she knew I did it on purpose and that she did it as well.

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