On my way home from work one Saturday

This is another early pants poop I had, perhaps close to 30 years ago now. Time flies by and you don’t realize it, but certain incidents remain in your memory. This too was one of those times that I’ve never forgotten.

When I first started working, I used to ride my bike down to work and walk home. I mean literally down to work because the hill was quite steep and no one could ever ride their bike up.

Anyway I was working one Saturday and got out at noon. It was a nice late summer day and I had been saving my poop up for a few days, planning for this while desperately holding in the poop. I’d fantasize about pooping my pants, and get instantly hard while I was at work. I really had to poop and was going crazy by then. I’d go to the bathroom to pee and give a push to relieve the gas. As soon as we were out of work, I bolted for the door. I couldn’t wait to go home. I was hot and horny by now and ready to burst.

I got on my bike and stood up to pedal. As I pedaled, I pushed some of the poop into my pants. This was my test to see if this was going to be a really soft mess or just a big normal-type poop. I don’t like really soft ones which get annoying to me. As it turned out, It was soft enough to stick to my underwear, but not enough to fill them instantly. I sat down on my bike seat and continued to pedal to the street lights where I had to stop. As I stood with one foot on the ground, I pushed some more. My pants filled up a little bit more this time, and I could smell the poop. It wasn’t strong; just a hint of fart with poop. My ass was warm from the load which I sat on again when I rode across the intersection.

Now I had a steep hill to climb. It was steep enough that I actually felt my feet slip on the sidewalk as I pushed my bike up the hill. As I walked along, I pushed more poop. This was one of those never-ending long-lasting loads that really was filling my pants. The hill is bisected by the railroad, which I spoke of in my other story. The street crosses the railroad on a wooden bridge which its self is quite steep, but it flattens out over the tracks. I stood on the bridge, looking down the tracks for a bit. Resting and pooping as I watched a freight train go by. As I was pooping, an old high school classmate drove by and stopped. I was stood there talking to this ass-hole which stopped only to harrass me as usual. He was one of those jerks that used to beat me up in junior high, and there I am talking to him with a shit in my pants! After he left, I continued on my way up the hill to the big intersection. As I stood there waiting for cars to cross, I pushed another bit into my pants. This was a bit more than before, and there was even more still wanting to come out!

I then continued my walk up the next hill, which is long, but not as steep as the first one. This long hill to was too steep to ride, so I walk along with the load in my pants. I didn’t push anything this time, just walked with the load sitting in there against my ass. When I finally got to the next big intersection, I was on flat ground and sat down on my bike seat. The load was quite thick and pushed up around my balls. I was ready to explode withe excitement and reached down to touch my cock while I was riding. The smell was quite strong, so if anyone walked by me, they’d surely know what I had in my pants by now!

I finally got to my street, but I didn’t go home right away. There’s a path that leads to the local college campus and woods nearby. This was an old apple orchard and long forgotten cow pasture on my end of the woods. This is where I had my first pants pooping orgasm and this was where I was heading. As I pushed my bike along the path, I filled my pants again. A lot more poop came out, this time a little softer than before. It filled up the remaining space in my pants, which by now I had loosened up to let some room in there. The smell was quite strong, almost overpowering with hints of a little pee in there as well since I started to piss when I was pushing.

When I got to my field, my pants were full. They were stuffed so much that the poop was escaping out of my underwear into my jeans, and some had even dropped down my leg. I sat down on the ground and leaned back on my haunches as I enjoyed the smell and feeling of wetness and poop in my pants. I then jerked myself off wildly, even becoming very lightheaded and buzzy all over as I came strongly into my pants and underwear. The smell of cum, piss, poop, and the meadow was like heaven.

I then pulled my pants down to have a look. I had to pull my jeans down gingerly so I wouldn’t smear too much on my legs. It was quite a mess. I sat down on the ground in my underwear and just marveled at my load. The smell was even stronger now without my pants and I jerked off again this time letting the cum spurt all over where I was laying on the ground.

I then peeled my underwear off and pulled my jeans back up. There was nothing to wipe with and I was quite sticky. I walked back into the woods and over to a small stream where I rinsed my underwear off and then cleaned myself up. I then put my underwear into my bike bag and headed home. I saved this underwear and used them for a few years afterwards, pooping and messing in them for many, many times afterwards.





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  1. I’m glad you liked my story. I have many more that I’ll tell as I recall them. A few of them revolve around this wooded meadow.

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  3. nice story from a guy that lives to pantie poop as much as I do.

    Thank you.

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