On My Motorctcle Ride To Ojai

Yesterday, was another beautiful November day in sunny California. Hot Santa Ana winds were blowing in fron the South as I was having breakfast at Mc Donalds. I had just finished off an extra large soda when I cot a call from one of my construction clients. He was in escrow on a property in the Ojai foothills. I was asked if I would meet at the site and offer in-site on the lots build-ability. He sent me instructions on where to meet him. It was such a warm and windy day that I decided to ride my motorcycle. Wearing blue jeans and a long sleeved cotton shirt I hoped that I was not dressed too warmly. Upon entering Ojai I was hot and dripping in sweat. I stopped off at a 7-11 and downed a Big Gulp Supertanker to cool off. Then I received a call from my client re-scheduling our site walk to the afternoon. It was so pretty in Ojai that I figured that I would just ride around the foothills for a couple of hours. It was not long before the two extra large sodas I drank prior , began to have an effect on me. I passed over a small bridge and decided to relieve myself.

I carefully walked down the bridge’s embankment trying not to get dirty. As I reached the bottom and stepped into some reeds, my shoe and pants leg sank in the wet mud. Trying to regain my footing my other shoe sank into the mud. Thinking about my pending appointment, I thought; Oh Great! Now what am I going to do. I somehow I needed to wash the mud off my shoes and jeans. In front of me was a babbling creek running under the bridge. I trudged through the mud and reed covered shoreline into the slowly moving creek water. With water up to my calves, I shook off the wet sticky mud. Then my phone rang. It was my construction client canceling our afternoon appointment. The frustration with my construction client slowly subsided, as creek water began saturating my socks and sneakers. It was such a warm day, and with my afternoon appointment completely canceled, I thought a little extra wetness on my feet and legs sure felt good.

After washing off the mud, I started walking up the center of the creek looking for a sandy, or rocky area to step out on. All I saw was soft wet mud on both sides of the creek. With the sound of the moving creek in my ears, I now began to feel just how badly I needed to pee. All of that soda I drank in the morning, and then again outside Ojai was burning to be released. I finally saw a rocky pathway to the shore. Hurriedly, as I stepped up on some rocks, my wet shoe slid on some moss and slammed into the water splashing my crotch. The cool wetness actually felt pretty good against my hot sweaty skin. The feeling of cool creek water against my crotch made me feel like peeing so bad that I started to panic. I thought of my options; I could unbutton my jeans and simply release into the creek, or since my crotch was damp anyway, I could have some Bad Boy fun by spurting a little warm pee into my underwear. I thought about when I was 9 years old attending summer day camp. On those hot summer days at camp, I purposely peed in my jeans behind the boathouse and then swam in the camp’s creek fully clothed. I looked around and realized that I was very much alone. Listening to the stream passing by me caused a burning desire for me to pee NOW (jeans or not)! Just thinking about wetting myself began to make me erect. There was not a sound except the frogs and moving creek water. And with that, I released a single spurt of pee into my underwear. The warm pee felt so so good as it saturated my cotton underwear. My pressurized pee stream formed an erotic looking shinny spot on the front of my jeans. It all felt so good that I could not resist releasing a second even bigger pee spurt. At that point I realized that I had really gone past the point of no return. I looked down to see my that my warm shinny pee now saturated my crotch, and was seeping down my inner thighs. The sensation felt just too good not to stop. Feeling like the balance of my pee was about to burst, I figured what the heck With my mind finally made up, I just let it all go. Warm pee streamed into my underwear. It completely saturated my crotch and thighs. A dark warm wetness spread down my legs. I knew that with everything I had to drink in the morning, that I would need to pee again soon. I decided spend my time trudging up the center of the creek. Each time my pee pressure build up, I held my pee back for the last possible moment, and then let it go in a flood. Thrilled being getting away with a little naughtiness, I continued walking further up the creek. In the hot sun, the cooling wetness of my damp jeans felt great against my hot sweaty crotch.
My jeans were now completely soaked with pee and creek water. Even my long sleeved cotton shirt had soaked pee up passed my waist. In the creek I came across a small pond. Stepping into the pond, water rushed up my thighs. The cool pond water felt so good against my hot, sweaty skin. I was totally ready for a real a fully clothed soaking, I slowly dropped to my knees, allowing the pond water to run past my waist. I spread out my arms and leaned back until my body was completely submerged. I stretched out my arms and legs and floated there on my back. All the while, my creek soaked clothing flapped against my skin in the pond’s current. Laying there on my back, I peed out what I thought was my final release. Pee filled my jean’s crotch with warmth until the pond’s current slowly washed it away. It was almost spiritual. I laid there on my back looking up at the sky for what must have been at least 30 minutes.

Completely refreshed and feeling great, I got back on my feet. Dripping wet I walked back down the creek to the bridge. At the bridge I was almost completely dry. I was exiting the creek when I realized that I still needed to pee again. In front of me was that soft, and wet muddy shoreline. Without giving it a second thought I sat down wiggled into the soft mud. Resting there submerged to my waist, I flooded my crotch with warm wet pee. By the time I was finished, I felt warm wetness fill my crotch up to my waist. To pull myself out of the muddy muck, I rolled over on my stomach and slowly stood up. I was completely covered in wet sticky mud and pee. I then walked across the muddy shore back to the creek. I found a section of fast moving water. I sat down and leaned back until my cotton shirt became submerged. In the creek’s current I could feel the mud and pee being washed away. I then patted myself down to shake out the remaining mud and pee out of my clothing. Clean, and completely water soaked from head to foot, I climbed back up the bridge embankment. As I sat on my motorcycle, creek water oozed from my soaked clothing. I then rode home taking the country route. The hot Santa Ana winds dried my shirt and jeans almost completely, except for a little dampness at my crotch. At home I did not change into dryer cloths. That little dampness remained a reminder of the little naughtiness fun I experienced on my visit to Ojai.

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  1. Hot story

    Where is that creek in Ojai. Live in SF Valley and would like to drive out there and play.

  2. Malibu Creek off Los Virgenes is way closer to you. Stop at the tunnel and check out the creek. It’s a more scenic experience.

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