On My Drive To Madera

Monday I needed to deliver construction supplies to Madera. My trip was going to entail driving 550 miles round trip in a rental truck. In the morning I tanked up on some coffee and headed out at 6:00 am. I was driving a busy section of Interstate 5 (the Grape Vine), when I began to feel the need to pee. There were no exits for miles. It was all open grass planes. I knew that I would be ticketed if I were caught peeing on the side of the freeway. I started squirming in my driver’s seat trying not to wet myself. I did not have a change of clothes. With no off-ramp in sight, and burning at the tip, I had run out of time. A little embarrassed, and with no where to go, I let go a little blasting spurt of pee into my underwear. I instantly felt a euphoric warm wetness coat my shaft and settle deep in my crotch. Wiggling on the vinyl seat, I could tell that my warm pee spurt had created a little puddle under my backside. I had to exit the freeway. My little pee spurt relieved some pressure, but I knew it would be brief.

I pulled off at the first off-ramp that I saw, (Smokey Bear Road). Driving along the busy freeway frontage road, there were trucks and boaters everywhere. Finally, I stopped by a roadside that looked to lead into some trees. Pressure was building as I quickly exited the truck and began to slide on my backside down the roadway’s dirt embankment. I was again desperately burning to pee at the tip. I only got about half way down the dirt slope before I could not hold it back any longer. I stopped momentarily and let go a second blasting pressure relieving pee spurt. I looked down at my crotch to see a flood of shinny pee blast to the surface of my jeans. I felt the warm wetness flow down my crotch and pool at my backside. That warm pee flooding my crotch felt so good, and yet was so so bad. By the time I reached the embankment bottom, my backside was caked with mud and pee.

Walking into the trees, I thought about my options. I could be a “Bad Boy” by peeing in my jeans, but then I did not have a change of clothes. Just beyond the trees I found a little stream. Looking at the stream, I thought about how nice it would be to just sit in that stream, and let the current wash the pee soaked mud from my crotch before continuing my travels. Standing there, I noticed that my pee soaked crotch was now starting to seep warm wetness down my inner thighs. I felt like I had gone beyond that “point of no return.” With only road traffic sounds in the distance, I was alone. Listening to the trickling stream at my feet, the urge to finish peeing became overwhelming. I became erect thinking about how refreshing it would be to just soak my fully clothed body in the cool clear water. Peeing on the ground now just made no sense. Mind made up, I flooded my underwear with an unrestricted stream of warm wet pee. I watched with euphoric pleasure as my warm pee stream saturated my crotch, and then flowed down my thighs. By the time I was finished, my crotch and jeans were completely saturated with shinny wet pee. I then stepped into the shallow stream and sat down on the pebbly bottom. I felt the cool water’s current pass threw my jeans, cooling my skin. That water felt so refreshing I laid backward becoming fully submerged. Soaking in the slowly moving stream, I happily shook out the mud from my jeans. When the mud was gone, I stepped from the stream and carefully climbed back up the road’s dirt embankment dripping wet. Hopping back into the truck, I continued my drive to Madera happy and completely refreshed (soaked to the skin). With the truck windows down, and the warm California air blasting throughout the truck’s cab. I was completely dry by the time I reached my destination.

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  1. That sounded like a great day!! Soaked underwear and shiney jeans cant be beat. I love it when I try to control the urge by letting small spurts into my pants! Its a real rush to watch my pants change color and even get shiney for short periods. I wear speedos for underwear and just love how they feel all wet and slippery and almost never can avoid rubbing myself to an orgasm through them!!

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