On her mums sofa

Jane and Bob had been growing fond of each other at work and Bob was invited to Jane’s home for the evening. Her parents went to bed and theft them watching the TV in the lounge. The film was good and it was very late. Both were drowsy and bob actually fell asleep. He awoke to feel Jane’s hand hovering over his crotch . They were cuddled up close and as he became more aware Bod felt himself getting erect. This was a pleasurable feeling and a bit exciting because Jane really turned him on.

He was till feeling “this is great” when he realised Jane was easing down the zip of his jeans – he hadn’t realised she had unbuckled his belt while he was sleeping. Suddenly his thoughts turned to panic as Bob sensed the dampness that was coming from his underpants and making itself noticeable round his bum. This had happened before when he dozed off but he wasn’t thinking about the times he had nearly wet bus seats or left patches on chairs at home.

All Bob could think about was “what will she think?” He wasn’t so much embarrassed as devastated that the first girl he had really adored would be shocked and end the relationship. And still he was hard and Jane’s fingers were starting to explore inside the fly of his jeans.

Bob wanted to say something to stop her, but couldn’t think clearly and so started to splutter. With her free arm Jane hugged him closer and said “If you are trying to tell me you have wee wee in your pants, don’t bother I already know”. Bob said “I’m sorry” and she replied “relax, its not much but try not to stain mum’s sofa”. Bob told her he sometimes had a accident if he fell asleep and would need to go to the toilet soon.

Jane asked “do you pee the bed? Bob said “sometimes, but not as often as I used to but I don’t like telling you this”.

Bob was fondling Janes’ breast and hadn’t stopped while this conversation had been going on. She whispered “It doesn’t matter” and took his hand away from his own crotch where his hard-on had subsided and placed it at the top of her panties.

She encouraged his fingers to explore and he felt the warmth of her body and the excitement of being so intimate. Jane said “a little further” and Bob obeyed, As he did so hhe felt something he didn’t expect – the plastic edging of a panty liner. Jane said “now do you understand?” Bob said “It’s that time of the month?”

Jane replied “No silly, I have to wear a maxi pad all the time or my panties would be wetter than yours”.

Bob said “So you still want to see me” and Jane told him “Of course I do silly, where else could I find a man who would understand if I had wet undies or needed to change the sheets in the middle of the night?”

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