older piss pl….

I am a gay man from GERMANY and I am looking for some pals who are into the smell of PEE and peed underpants – NO POO…


Here is, how it all began:


It was already dark outside, when I left the office – I had done some overtime and felt really happy to go home now and relax.

I jumped into my car and took the highway – 20 minutes ahead of me was my home and the weekend just started.

I all of a sudden felt an urgency – my bladder was full of PISS from all the coffee I had and I stopped at the nearest parking lot with a public urinal…

I got out from my car and I recognized, that I was not alone there – a big truck was parked there and blocked the view to the restroom.

I went around the truck and I realized it was a truck with a cabin to sleep…

I didnt think more, since the urgency to pee increased.

I reached the restroom and went to the urinal area.

Again – I was NOT alone.

I big guy of at least 190 cm and around 120 kg was standing next to the second urinal – I took the free one, opened my fly and wanted to let it go.

I recognized the trucker looking at me and my fly and since I was desperate, I let my cock out and started to pee….

I got this feeling of relieve, when I saw the trucker turning around and I recognized his very big cock – he just put his hand into the flow of my piss and licked it – that made me stop my flow and I was kind of embarrassed – I looked into his face and asked: what are U doing man???

He told me, HE liked the taste of my piss and he asked me to piss into his underpants since he had a long trip ahead of him and wanted to do it in wet underpants…

I again looked at him – and I saw his already stained underpants – I thought by myself: what the fuck and turned araound to do, what he had asked me to do.

I was at same time kind of *interested* and I let my piss again loose and fill his crotch….

He sighed and asked me to join him in his truck, and stay some time with him….

No one was waiting on me at home and I decided to have some *nasty & smelly fun* for the first time in my life.

We went out of the restroom and he opened the door of the truck to let me in…

The smell inside the truck was very *hot* and I recognized, I wanted his piss as well….


just ask me

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