old story from the net

Here is an old story from the now long gone jeansloader site I post. First off I did not write this I found it long ago on the net. Enjoy

Adam stood in the changing room dressed in only his white underpants
and white tank top. His cock was bulging at the front of his briefs,
itching to burst from its confinement. His hands were tied to the cloths
rail at about shoulder height so that there was no possibility of him
reaching to remove his pants and his feet were tied to the bench but
slightly apart.. “I need to use the toilet”, he exclaimed, wriggling
from one leg to another in an attempt to put off the anal anguish
that he was suffering. “Sorry”, said John, “no can do”. John watched on,
feeling so horny, waiting until Adam could hold out no longer, waiting for
that moment when Adam would finally lose control of his anal muscle and let
the load that was now residing in his bowels slide out into his underpants.
John wouldn’t have to wait long. Adam was writhing in anguish and pleading
with John to be allowed to go. John smiled and waited. He looked at Adam’s
firm tight butt, the way the underpants hugged his buns, the thin elastic
of the leg holes sliding round under each butt cheek, the little crease in
the material showing Adam’s butt crack. He nearly shot his load in his
own pants then and there with the thought that the seat of those underpants
would soon be bulging under the weight of a heavy, and hopefully, copious
warm, brown load.

All of a sudden Adam stopped pleading and stood silent, teeth clenched in
anal agony, sweat pouring down his face. The first little piece of turd,
about an inch in length, had squeezed itself out and was trapped between
his bum cheeks. Adam realised his hopelessness and the fact he couldn’t hold it
in any longer. Finally resigned to pooping in his pants, he slowly relaxed
his anal muscle. He felt his butthole being forced open, and the first
thick and slippery log begin to slide out. He felt it push against
the material of his underpants and start to spread out. John watched as
Adam, with legs a little apart and squatting slightly, started to mess in
his white underpants. He saw the head of the first lump of poo push a
little peak in the material directly under Adam’s butthole. And, as he
watched, the bulge in the seat of Adam’s underpants slowly expanded as
Adam’s bowels expelled their first warm load. Adam at first tried to
control it but then lost control and began to push. He felt the poop being
forced out, filling his underpants and spreading out soft and warm against
his skin; he felt the warm mass press up his butt crack and fill the area
between his bum cheeks and crotch. He paused to draw breath and another
wave came over him. He let out a sound “Uhhnnngggghhh”, and the bulge in
the seat of his underpants started to swell again as another huge load
was sliding from his bottom into his waiting underpants. This was
followed by a soft fart, another grunt from Adam resulting in a further
deposit of warm poop being pushed out into the rear of his underpants.
John hoped at this point that Adam had dumped all his load as it was
apparent, from the brown mass peeking out from the leg-holes and squeezed
up into the crotch to the base of Adam’s balls that his heavily-filled
underpants were full to capacity. Indeed, gravity was beginning to take
effect and the bloated seat of his underpants was beginning to sag under
the weight of at least three pounds of warm slippery poop. However, Adam
had not yet finished messing himself. He gave one final push, and his bowels squeezed
out another huge load of soft poop completely filling his underpants.
Adams underpants were so full that they had a great deal of difficulty
coping with this final load, and soft brown poop started to forcibly
ooze its way out from the leg-holes and further into his crotch.
Little pieces of brown poop that had oozed out from the sides fell to the
floor with a soft splat, brushing against Adam’s legs as they fell.

Adam stood exhausted and drained. He couldn’t believe what he had done. He
had complelty filled his pants right there in the changing room in front of John.
He could feel the slippery brown load nestling in the seat of his underpants and
against his bare butt, oozing between his legs and up under his crotch to
encase his balls. The sudden and shocking heat of the brown mass between
his butt cheeks and against his skin caused him to take a sharp intake of
breath and he began to wet himself. Which immediately soaked the front of
his pants and started to run down into the massive brown load in the crotch
of his underpants, and then in brown rivulets down his legs and onto the floor.
Although he didn’t want to admit it, all this made him feel as horny as
hell. He wanted John to fuck him, and fuck him good and hard. His cock
twitched and he almost shot his load in his pants just thinking about it.

John could not believe the amount of poop that Adam had pushed out into his
underpants. He walked over to Adam and clasped one of his hands around the
brown mass in the rear of the underpants and began to knead and massage
the load around Adam’s bottom and beneath his crotch, while rubbing Adam’s
pulsating cock through the material of his wet underpants with the other.
“You basterd”, said Adam. “I know”, said John, “but you love it, and what I’m
going to do now, you will love even more.” He pushed Adam’s tank top up to
his shoulders and pulled the elastic waistband of the underpants back and
peered down into the huge brown mass that lay in the seat, noticing how it
had been smeared all over Adam’s butt when he had kneaded and squeezed the
soft poopy load in the seat. He pulled the heavily loaded underpants down
to just below Adam’s butt cheeks, fully exposing their poop laden condition
and the brown mass covering Adam’s butthole. By now John also had need of a
toilet but it would have to wait; he was going to fuck this messy butt first.
Lowering his underpants to just below his butt cheeks, he pulled his now
erect 9″ cock over the waist band at the front and guided it towards Adam’s
poop covered butthole. He didn’t need any lube; the slippery mess was all
that would be needed. With the end of his cock, he felt for Adam’s hole
through the layer of poop and pushed a little. Adam said nothing, but
thrashed his head from side to side as John entered him. He groaned as
John pushed the first inch up his tight butt. He moaned and trembled as
another inch slid in. He grunted gutturally on the next, half screamed on
the forth. John paused, relaxed, held in tight, muscles jerking his cock
within him. When John pressed forward a little more, Adam sighed, and as
John’s cock hit his prostrate he gasped.

John ground his flanks against Adam’s butt until his balls were slapping
against the cheeks of Adam’s poop covered butt. His cock, covered in the
slippery brown mess, was sheathed all the way to his aching-to-blow balls. He grasped
Adam’s cock and it felt much like his own, jerking in time with his own
juicy organ embedded in that tight poop covered butt. John went into an
undulating, humping rhythm and Adam followed his lead, bucking against him.
John felt the poopy mass that hung in Adam’s underpants, slapping against
his lower thighs as it swung backwards and forwards between Adam’s thighs.
John rode Adam’s bottom, frenziedly slapping his messy butt, and shoving his
poop lubricated cock in still further.

“Cream it off, boy! Shoot it, baby, Shoot your load!” John grunted as he
thrust more vigorously and deeply into Adam’s bottom and matched his
humping strokes with his pounding jack-off fist.

“Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!” Adam shouted. His eyes narrowed into slits, his
mouth contorted into a painful grimace, his teeth were clenched and his
hair dripped with sweat. Adam began grunting, “I’m gonna come! Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!

“Get it, boy! Get it!” John yelled, “Shoot it! Shoot your load, baby!”

“I’m coming! I’m coming!” John groaned.

John’s cock pulsed, twitched and a huge spurt of cum burst into Adam’s
butthole in gushing streams. Violent tremors rippled from between John’s
legs as he erupted into Adam. At that moment John felt his anal muscle
open and poop start to force its way out. Before he could prevent it, a
large log had slipped out of his butt and dropped into the seat of
his underpants hanging around the bottom of his butt cheeks, filling the
seat of his underpants with at least two pounds of soft, warm, brown, slippery,
poop. He found himself shooting thick creamy cum deep into Adam’s butt
and filling his underpants with his own mess in alternating spasms.
At that moment Adam cock pulsed and jerked, He shot his load; his cum arching
three feet or more into the air. John, with his butthole still dropping
poop into his underpants, nibbled the back of Adam’s neck as he finished
unloading wad after wad of thick creamy cum up Adam’s poop chute and squeezing
load after load soft, slippery poop into his own underpants. He could feel
the weight of load that was sitting in his pants begin to pull on the waist
elastic as gravity attempted to pull them to the floor. He couldn’t be
bothered with that problem until he had unloaded the last drop of cum
deep into Adam’s butt. At that moment Tony walked through the changing
room door. He looked at the pair of them. John pulled out of Adam’s butt
and pulled Adam’s poop filled underpants back up round his waist further
spreading the brown mass around his bottom, balls and cock, smearing the backs of
his thighs with brown poop in the process.

“That’s the biggest load of poop I’ve seen in a pair of underpants for
ages but it looks like there’s room in the front of them for a bit more”,
said Tony, looking at the heavily load underpants. “John, hold open
the front of Adam’s underpants”.

John grabbed the waist band of his own underpants and pulled them up, as
he did so he felt the load that was laying in the seat and crotch smear the back
of his thighs. When the poop filled seat reached his butt and crotch, he
gave the waist band a little tug upwards, pulling the poop filled seat
tight against his bottom. He felt the mass spread out and warmly fill the
area under his butthole. John reached round and grabbed the elastic at the
front of Adam’s pants, pulled it forward as requested, exposing Adam’s cock
and balls. He noticed that poop had oozed up under Adam’s balls and around
his cock. As John pulled open the waistband on the front of the underpants,
Tony lowered his running shorts, backed his butt over the opening that had
been made in the front of Adam’s underpants, grunted and, pushed on his bowels
slowly filled the front of Adam’s underpants with an enormous load of
wet, sloppy poop. John watched in amazement as the load slithered down
around Adam’s cock and balls. John let the waistband go and gave the poopy
mass a squeeze just to make sure that it was nicely kneaded in. He then
felt the load that was residing in the rear of his own white underpants and
gave it a squeeze and smiled to himself.

John untied Adam who then waddled to the showers. poop was being slipping
out of the leg-holes and dropping to the floor as he walked. Once in the
shower area, he turned on the shower. Nothing came out. “danm, there’s no
water”, he said looking at John. “There’s nothing for it, we’ll have
to slip our track suit bottoms on and walk home like this”, John remarked.
“Well, I hope we don’t meet anybody we know. I’m beginning to smell a bit
and you smell rather ripe yourself. You’d better clean up at mine”, Adam
said as he smiled. They got dressed as best they could and slipped their
track suit bottoms on over the mess residing in their underpants. They
walked towards the door. John looked at Adam’s bottom, the back looked OK,
but you could tell he was carrying quite a load in his underpants by the
way he was sort of waddling. John could feel the load in the seat of his own
underpants sliding around on his butt as well. It was starting smear his
cheeks and also work its way down into his crotch.

They hadn’t gone more than three hundred yards when Adam felt a wave of
anal pressure. The large amount of thick creamy cum that John had shot
deep into him was forcing its way out. Adam stood still and tried to hold
it but it was no good. All of a sudden his anal muscles gave out and
stream of thick brown cum gushed out of his butt followed by about half a
pint of wet semi-liquid poop, joining the huge mass already nestling in his
pants. He felt a wet trickle start to run down the insides of his legs. He
looked down at his thighs and noticed a brown damp patch starting to appear
in the grey fabric. He knew he should have worn his black track suit. Damn!
This could be really embarrassing if he met anyone he knew, or any body
else for that matter. “What’s the matter”, said John. “Your cum has just
shot out of my butt into my pants followed by a load of wet sloopy poop.
That’s what’s the matter!” A couple of farts bubbled through the wet slippery
mess in his pants and up the crack of his butt. John burst out laughing. All of
a sudden John felt desperate wave pushing on his bowels. He clamped his
legs together but he knew there was no point in fighting it. Almost
instantly, a huge, warm, soft helping of poop ejected itself violently
into his underpants, accompanied by a little fart, and a further warm load,
joining the already copious load and completely filling his pants. At
this point he was sure that his underpants could hold no more as the seat
was so full that the poop was forcibly sliding into his crotch and between
his thighs; his balls now rested in a soft, brown mass of poop. Sure
enough, he began to feel a little of it oozing out from around the leg-holes
of his underpants.

It was at this point that Adam noticed a neighbour coming along the street.
“There’s my neighbour coming down the street”, he said frantically tugging
John’s arm. He can’t see us like this. I’ll never live it down”, he said.
John panicked, grabbed Adam’s arm and pulled him off the pavement towards a
fenced enclosure. Hoping that there was no one inside and nobody from the
street was watching, they began climbing over the chain link fence,
momentarily forgetting all about the huge mass of brown poop snuggling
inside both their underpants. Everything would have been fine except that
as Adam swung his leg over the fence, he sat down, mashing the poop around
and forcing the sticky mass out of his briefs in all directions. He felt
large amounts of poop being forced out of both leg-holes of his underpants,
squeezed up into his crotch to join Tony’s load already mashed around
his balls and cock, and up the rear crack of his butt, erupting up through
the waistband of his pants and tracksuit bottoms. He reached behind to
confirm his suspicion, only to feel a sticky mess with his fingers. He
scrapped the exposed poop off his track suit bottoms and the small of his
back. John at the same time had managed to clear the fence but had stumbled
backwards. With a heavy thud, he landed on his butt. As his rear hit the
ground, he felt the load in his pants flatten, poop shoot forward between
his legs, erupting around his balls and cock and poop oozed rapidly out from
the legsholes of his underpants.

After a few moments they were able to clamber, more carefully this time,
back over the fence and continue their walk home. As John walked downhill
could feel gravity exerting its pull on the brown load that was now outside
his underpants between the backs of his thighs and tracksuit legs. As he
walked home with Adam, several large pieces of poop fell out of his pants,
brushing the inside of his legs and landing around his ankles where it was
held in check by the elastic in his track suit bottoms.

The rest of their walk home was uneventful. Adam fumbled for his key and
stepped across the threshold, closing the door quickly behind them. They
walked to the bathroom and both stepped into the shower together. Adam
undid the cord around his waist and peeled his tracksuit bottom off; an
enormous mass of poop was spread across the inside of his pant’s leg and
all down his thighs and legs, as well as around his cock and balls.
Grabbing the waist band of his massively poop-filled underpants, he slipped
his pants slowly down his legs leaving a brown trail all down the back of
his legs. His underpants dropped to the floor with a splat, totally soiled
and filled with poop. An enormous brown load could be seen cradled in the
crotch and resting in the seat. John slipped his poop filled pants
down his legs at the same time and they started to shower and clean
themselves up.


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