Oh Anthony

The stall door creaked open…”Came to help?” he was sat there, his thick thighs spread apart, his pubic region hidden partly by the front of his polo shirt, he had a slight smirk on his face which quickly transformed into a snarling lip as he noisily emptied another round of wet stool into the bowl.

I’d always admired him, no, fuck that, I had a somewhat unhealthy fixation with his plump, bubble butt! Standing at 6’2″, he was your above-average black male. Mid-30s, smooth brown skin, apart from a small scar running across his left forearm, low haircut, neatly trimmed goatee and slightly hazel tinted eyes. He was a manly man, with boyish yet rugged features.

Here he was now, offering me to come into the stall with him, in one of his most intimate and messy moments. I slipped in and locked the door behind me, I was rock hard and at around 8 inches, it was hard for me to hide. “You’re a dirty man, I like that” he teased, “Ungh…” he groaned, PLOP PLOP PLOP, a round of more solid turds splashed into the bowl beneath him. “I’m soon done” he advised, raising his shirt slightly to rub his belly…”It feels so good to take a good shit! I don’t know what I ate but damn…” he fanned the awful scent away…it truly was unbearable but this was too unreal for me to miss out on!
“One more…” he grunted before a loud echoing fart interrupted the process. I could hear tiny splattering from inside the bowl, followed by a slurry of chunky, liquid shit. He stood up slowly, his massive member bounced against his thick thigh, droplets of urine trickling off the head. He shuffled in his pants and boxers which were around his calves, turning to see his work, I peeked around him…wow! The bowl was filled with shit. The water was stained brown and there was a mix of semi-soft chunks, completely liquid diarrhea and then three or four massive turds with what looked like cucumber seeds embedded in them. “That’s that big breakfast sandwich I had this morning…shouldn’t have eaten the cheese” he joked. He was fully backing me by now as he rolled off some TP, his butt was truly beautiful. It was perfectly round, smooth, with slight stretch marks on either side, a deep cleft and it was indeed hefty, like two planets smashed together hanging onto his lower back. 
“I need some help…wipe me” he instructed, thrusting the paper in my chest playfully but forcefully enough to let me know he was serious. He didn’t even bend over, I had to pull the meaty cheeks apart, revealing his winking anus, covered in a mustardy slick of wet, fetid shit. 
“Uh yeah, fuck…” he moaned softly as I passed the tissue over the stinking hole. I was so turned on I had pre-cum through my work trousers, luckily I was wearing a darker colour! I wiped slowly, wanting the messy task never to be over…I even got a little bold, nibbling his cheek softly on one of my trips back into his gorgeous crack. “Whoa, adventurous!” he chirped, looking back over his shoulder at me knelt down behind him…”My ass is kinda fat, I can’t even see your lips from here” he chuckled…that turned me on…I felt as if I was serving this meaty-rumped demigod in the most amazing way possible…was this even real?!
When I was done, he allowed me to pull his boxer briefs up on him, watching as the thick hind quarters struggled to fit into the garment, their fleshiness stretching it to its manufactured limits. I got up and flushed for him and rubbed his tummy gently and playfully as he zipped up…”All better now Anthony?” I quizzed…”Yeah, maybe you should come by and help me when I’m at home…and more relaxed” he added, smiling before I exited the stall.

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