Office Party poop

Friday came at last,and the long anticipated office party.It was two days before Christmas and we had been busy all week at our dental office as it seemed everyone wanted their teeth fixed before Christmas so they could enjoy their big dinner with the teeth to eat it.Our office had four dentists at present with a nursing assistant to help each one and administer the injections that knock the patients out so they can wake up and all the work on their mouth is done without them having to be aware of what is happening.In addition we have one cleaner who cleans up any mess before the next patient is led in for treatment,and of course two beautiful sexy receptionists;that is Sally and me,lol.This Friday we worked until 2pm with patients and as soon as they were dealt with the cleaner dashed in and did her work and then we all adjourned to the waiting room which was the biggest area in the office.Chairs were already set up all round the side walls,so we cleared all the magazines off the coffee tables and set out the food and drinks.

The office manager,I forgot to mention her,called for silence and then wished us all a Merry Christmas and let the party commence.All the dentists were there and their wives and some of the nurses had brought their boyfriends so there was quite a large number in the room.Now Sally and I had been plotting ahead of this for a few days and had not pooped since Tuesday evening,thinking that this might allow us the chance to be naughty at work without being though of as gross.Our plan was to take a dose of stool softener liquid,which we had hidden in our bags,just as the last patient was called in for treatment at 2pm and let it work on us while we partied,and with luck it should work just before 5pm as we were already slightly needing to poop so it would work faster than the usual three hours.We knew that we could still hold it for a short time to wait for the right chance to enjoy a little accident and make it look convincing.

As one of us would be driving home after the party we did not take more than two drinks that had alcohol,and stuck to non alcoholic drinks while enjoying the food that was provided for us.We watched the others drinking lots of beer and the harder drinks and we guessed that we would have the right opportunity to have our accidents if we just waited.In our office there are two toilets,one for patients and one for staff,right beside each other,and quite enough for normal operating needs,but we thought that today with so many extra people there and all drinking and eating,there would be a time when both toilets were in use and anyone else would need to wait a few minutes.It looked like out plan was going well as we all were in the party mood and the others were getting lots of drinks inside them,especially a couple of older teenage girls who were daughters of one of the dentists and allowed to drink alcohol.Both of them seemed to be having more than they could handle,so Sally and I looked at each other and smiled,knowing that our change could come.

Just before 4pm with the party under way for an hour,both of us felt the urges that we knew would come.The softener was working and we were ready to poop now when the chance came along,but we knew we could hold it for as long as we needed.
We both mingled and when we noticed the young girls with an empty glass we acted as good hostesses and filled them up as we saw them getting a little tiddly and encouraged them to enjoy themselves.Sally and I had been drinking soft drinks after our two beers and concentrating more on the food,yet we acted as if we had more alcohol than we really had,just for effect.By 4.30 both of us could feel the urgency inside us to poop fairly soon,although we were still in control,knowing that our chance would come soon.The girls were both starting to look slightly subdued and we guessed that all that alcohol would be making them a little vulnerable as we helped them to fill up their glasses once more.

Sally and I had decided to wear neat black slacks today instead of our normal skirts,and we had our usual white blouses on top, so we looked quite smart and we hoped that they would not show too much if the got wet or had a little mess inside later.By now both of us were really needing to pee and poop very soon,and holding it all was becoming difficult but we knew our time was close as the girls were swaying but not in time with the music.We saw then look at each other and they both headed for the toilets,taking one each and locking the doors.Now it was time for us to suddenly need a toilet.We knew that the girls would be talking on the big white phone in their toilets and telling God that they would never drink again as they threw up all their drinks. We knew they would be in there for some time before they would be able to come out,so now it was time to enjoy our accident.

Sally and I with glass in hand strolled through the happy crowd chatting as we met all our co-workers and letting them know that it was a fantastic party and we just had to pop to the rest room for a minute and would be back for more.Of course when we reached the rest rooms they were both locked so we waited,both doing a little pee dance but looking happy as we listened to the pleas for mercy coming from inside the toilets.In a couple of minutes we were joined by two of the nurses who now needed to pee,and we explained that someone was already inside so we needed to wait but we were getting quite desperate as we had been waiting a couple of minutes.We jokingly teased the nurses about waterfalls and streams and one of them could take it no longer and she wet her pants right there as we all laughed.Now we had our chance,so as the wet nurse stood there with us to go in and clean herself Sally stopped dancing and peed her pants,letting it all go and looking so embarrassed,but the nurses just hugged her and said no problem,not our fault if we can’t get in the toilets.

Now I relaxed and suddenly my slacks were flooded with loads of hot pee running down my legs as we all giggled and the other nurse just stood and peed her pants too as we all had a great excuse.I have to admit that both of them did look as if they enjoyed peeing their pants although they did not say they did.Now Sally and I put on a worried look and quietly said that we were not just needing to pee and it was getting really desperate now.Our two nurses hugged us and said we should not worry as the girls should hopefully come out very soon,but as they hugged us I winked at Sally and stopped holding my anus tight shut.
There was a gurgle and I felt that lovely warm wet soft feeling spread out inside my panties as I looked upset and said it was too late now anyway.My nurse smiled and said it was an accident and you would not help that.Sally now,seeing that it was ok to go ahead,let her anus relax and began to gasp as she filled her panties as she stood beside us.We both acted like were so upset and so embarrassed to be pooping in our pants here at work,and we said how we hoped the dentists would not hear about it or see us and know we were messed up.

Our nurse friends said we would be fine as both the toilets were busy and they had wet their pants anyway,so they would back us up if anyone found out.Sally and I pretending to be so upset and timid asked them if it showed and could be seen,so the nurses felt our bums and of course pressed a bit on the large bulges which spread it a little more which we enjoyed a lot.We said we felt a bit faint with embarrassment and needed to sit down for a minute before we left to go home,so they led us to the back of the office and sat us down on two wooden chairs,which felt absolutely fantastic as we sat on two very large soft warm loads of poop,rocking slightly as we pretended to feel faint,but really loving how it spread the soft warm poop inside our panties.
After a couple of minutes when it was well spread,going up our backs and lots of it going forward slipping over our pussies and making them tinge with anticipation,we asked our nurses to help us out the back door so we would not need to go through the group of party people.They led us gently out and helped us to our car.We assured them that we only had two drinks and had been on soft drinks mainly so we could drive home safely.

It felt so good slipping into the car seats and snuggling in making the soft poop squirt everywhere as we drove off waving to our new friends,that we now knew peed their pants without being too upset.We drove home down Washington Blvd smiling at all the other drivers as we sat at red lights and thinking of what we would do for each other when we got home.Before we got home we both needed to pee again so just let it flow,so it warmed up our soft poop and felt marvelous as we drove into our garage and leaned over to rub each other’s messy slacks in the crotch and feeling the poop slipping all over pussy lips as we sat there and orgasmed wildly,kissing before we got out to go for a hot shower fully dressed and sexy as hell.

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  1. Wow, great and unusual office party story! I’d never been so lucky as to be part of such an understanding and nonchalant group! Wish I could have been a witness to your escapade! Sounds like it was awesome!

  2. you should have asked the Nurses to help clean you up I the loo 🙂

  3. Normally I have to be so very clean and neat looking at work.They would not be understanding if they knew I intended to poop my panties.It was only because I waited until both toilets were busy and the two nurses were desperate too,so they understood.They thought it was just an accident that me and Sally had pooped our panties waiting to use the toilets,so they helped us.Now that we know they peed a little in theirs we can see if we can encourage them to do it again.Might invite them to a party at our hose and say the toilet is blocked,he he.

  4. awesome I love waiting desperately especially if others are desp in front. Not so into the pants pooping but getting relief in the toilet in more than one way 🙂

  5. Rereading your story, debbie, what a fantastic party that was! I enjoyed putting your excellent descriptions into scenarios in my mind with all you lovely ladies standing around and freely peeing your pants and puddling the floor. Wow, what a sight that must have been. And to top it off, you and Sally getting to relax and push your poop into your pants. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall!

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