Office Duo Dump

I stroll onto the train, find a seat and nervously glance at my watch for what had to be the thousandth time within an hour.

‘I can’t believe I overslept!’ I berate myself as the train takes off towards my destination at a speed I found less than satisfactory. You see I had been up all night working on a presentation that I was due to give in about an hour and between the nerves of giving the blasted thing and the long week of preparing everything, I was a wreck. Sleepless nights, staring at computer screens for hours and more take-out food than I can ever recall eating in my life. As I got off at my stop and raced for the my office building, I noticed a sort of churning in my guts. With all of the stress and rushing, I recalled that I hadn’t…gone for about five going on six days. I placed a hand on my gurgling and slightly distended tummy and continued my mad dash.

With luck on myside, I made it with a little time to spare. So, I headed straight for the boardroom and began to set everything up. I flicked on the lights in the empty space and got to work. After a few minutes, the gurgling got louder and I began to feel a bit of pressure down below. I checked my watch once more and saw that trip to the restroom just wasn’t in the cards.

‘I’ve gone this long, what’s a few more minutes?’ I shrugged as I continued. As I reached down to plug in my computer a short, deep fart escaped without my permission. I instinctively shot up and looked around hoping that I was still alone. Thankfully, I was. I let out a sigh of relief; not only for my isolation, but a bit of relief from the pressure that seemed to be coming back with a vengeance.

Well, I got everything set up and in walks in Mark. Mark is the one guy at my job that I happen to have a huge crush on. He’s got a similar sense of humor, we talk about all sorts of things and have had long discussions over interests unique to us. Not only that, he was gorgeous; just my type. He’s got this mid thirties dadbod thing happening and my eyes immediately go to his eyes, gut and ass. In that order. Of course, I would never make a move. I mean, any guy I like always turns out to be straight, y’know?

So he walks in and we say our good mornings and he helps me finish up. As we continue working, in the silence of the room, I swear I heard a small fart. He made no mention of it and I didn’t smell anything, so I just assumed I imagined it and got back to work. Before too long, the rest of the bard members began filing in and it was time to get everything underway.

During my entire presentation, I’m sure I must have looked a nervous wreck. I’m sure I was sweating and every now and again my voice would crack in odd places. Little did they know that it wasn’t nerves but me trying to wrestle what had to be a huge log of poop to make sure it stayed put until I could properly deal with it. A few silent farts escaped but nothing too bad. I looked around the room and I had everyone’s attention, especially Mark’s. He was sitting straight up and was gently rubbing his round belly, which was a major turn on! I just gave a weak smile and continued.

Then, it happened. I was getting towards the end and was patting myself on the back when all of a sudden a huge, deep, rumbling fart echoed thoroughout the board room. Weird thing is, it didn’t come from me.

Mark sank in his chair and bashfully started waving his hand to try to cover; murmuring soft apologies to his neighbors. He put his hand back on his gut and I couldn’t stop staring.

After a few seconds I remembered what I was doing and put an end to the presentation that I had slaved over. The members stood and applauded and I used that as cover to release my own blast. It was almost foolproof until I felt the tip of my turd begin to edge its way out. Shaking a few hands and thanking a few members I gracefully (and quickly) made my way to the restroom. Unfortunately the morning staff were still in the process of cleaning the men’s room on our floor so I carefully walked to the elevator.
I saw Mark standing waiting for the elevator, as well. His hand was still making small circles over his protruding stomachand he seemed to be fidgeting a bit, but I didn’t put too much thought to it. He could be impatient at the best of times, after all.

“Hey,” I greeted.

“Oh hey…” he said, not really making eye contact. Just then the elevator door opened and we hopped on.

We rode in silence as I was pretty preoccupied with trying to keep my suit trousers clean. Then the silence was broken by another fart, this one bubbly and long.

“Sorry,” Mark blushed. “I kind of have to go.”

“Don’t worry, I’m practically touching cloth myself.”

“Haha, of all the times for the bathroom to be out of ord—” He suddenly stopped as a fart escaped from me and I gasped in response. I was definitely tenting my underwear at this point and I was having trouble keeping my cool, I shifted my stance and waved my hand behind me to dissipate the smell.

“Guess, it was my turn, huh? ” I nervously joked.

The silence became a bit more tense. Each of us slightly squirming and doing our best to hold on. The elevator doors opened again and we slowly mad our way to the nearest bathroom, not wanting to move too suddenly. But my efforts were proving to be in vain After a week of not going and a few hours of holding it in, my muscle control was fading. With each step a bit more edged out.

“I…I can’t..” I murmured. I can’t believe it. I’m shitting myself at work in front of coworkers and Mark of all people.

Mark was slightly ahead of me and was about to turn around to say something when the back of his trousers suddenly tented out. With a few more audible releases of gas, his bulge got bigger and bigger.

“…fuck” he whispered.

My load was finally making its exit as well and the two of us stood there, just outside the elevators filling our dress slacks with what turned out to be huge loads of shit. We quickly hopped back on the elevator and went straight to the parking garage. Not a word was said. I guess we both were too embarrassed about what just happened. Suddenly, Mark stopped in his tracks again.

“…I can’t believe this….” he muttered. Then I saw his face turn up and he made a soft grunting sound. His load got even bigger. I was mesmerized. Somehow seeing him like this made him exponentially more attractive and my trousers began tenting in the front as well.

“Better out than in,” I lamely joked to try to lighten the mood.

Surprisingly, he began to chuckle “You’re right. I guess, it’s great that we didn’t do it alone. Come on, I’ll give you a lift. Let’s get out of here before someone else sees us.”

“Are you sure? I mean….”

“Don’t sweat it, man.” One last gurgling fart rumbled out of him and his chuckles turned into the hottest laughter I ever saw.

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