Off-duty accident: Sequel

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This is a sequel to the story “Off-duty accident” posted on this site.
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Most of our stories end with the actual wetting incident. I wonder what might happen within the next 24 hours, in some cases?

The Next Morning…

Simon had already left to start his shift and Loraine was clearing away after the previous night’s events. Despite the fact that Simon had left without mention again of what had happened she was sure he must still be feeling mortified. Loraine herself had butterflies in her tummy whenever she thought about her gorgeous husband wetting his pants in the street; she could hardly contemplate how he must have felt when he was doing it.

She could only ever once remember seeing someone else dying for the toilet and that was way back when she and Simon had only just started going out together and had been coming back from one of his mates’ birthdays on a minibus. It was another one of his mates who had finally blurted out “I reckon you need to stop ASAP before Craig wets the chair!” Everyone was laughing as the minibus pulled over and this lad Craig clambered to the front door saying “Quick, Quick!! It’s coming! It’s coming! I’m doing it!” as he almost fell over in his desperation to get out.

Simon had mentioned a couple of times how embarrassing the incident had been and shook his head in disgust whenever the incident was mentioned. So, for it to happen to him – and worse – was so awful for him.

Loraine started to put things away and looked at the freshly-folded white briefs, scarcely believing that around 12 hours previously, her policeman husband had urinated in them, actually totally peed in his underpants and she recalled the sodden state they had been in when she picked them off the bathroom floor. As she put them in the drawer with all of his other pairs of pants, her tummy flipped once again. Even as she put his navy blue sports socks with his numerous other pairs of socks, she felt like putting them to one side to avoid contaminating all the other pairs, despite the fact that they had been freshly washed.

… at around 10.30am, Loraine walked into the dry cleaners in the town centre, clasping a white plastic carrier bag, and was greeted by a girl of her own age who she had known since her teenage days.
“Hi Dawn, is your mother not in today?”
“No, she won’t be in until this afternoon. How are you?”
“Yes, I’m fine, well, I am – but I’ve got a bit of an embarrassing thing to ask you, before anyone else comes in”.
Dawn looked a bit puzzled as Loraine half-opened the carrier bag and held the bag slightly away from her body.
“These are Simon’s police uniform trousers. They need to be dry-cleaned, as quickly as possible, please”.
“No, don’t…!” Loraine quickly added as Dawn went to take and open the bag.
“This is ever so embarrassing and Simon will kill me if he knows I’m saying this, but err – oh dear – you need to know, that, well…he had a bit of an accident on the way home last night. I’m afraid he wet them.”
“Wet them?” queried Dawn
“Yes, he’d been on the train and needed the toilet so badly but he couldn’t get there in time.”
“You mean he wet himself? Oh Dear!”
“The thing is,” continued Loraine, “they’re still ever so damp and I’m afraid they don’t smell too good.”
“Oh that’s okay” said Dawn, looking hugely embarrassed. She took a large piece of paper and wrote on it “Badly soiled – urinated in” and clipped the paper to the carrier bag, adding another stick-on note with the written words “Urgent, police uniform trousers”.

… in a plush office in Ruislip, six young suited blokes were pouring themselves coffees before preparing for the day ahead,
“Are you being serious, Rich?”
“Honestly mate, as true as I’m standing here.”
“And you really reckon he was peeing himself?”
“Definitely, you could see it running out of the bottom of his trouser-leg. It was all coming out onto the pavement and it was all round his shoe. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”
“And you reckon he was a copper, too?”
“Yeah, he was carrying a police tunic and they were police trousers, you know you can tell those thick black itchy-looking trousers?”
“So it was a full-blown piss?”
“Oh yeah, it was pouring out of the bottom of his leg. You know how you can always tell coppers ‘cause they always wear sort of basic shoes and the trousers are always a bit short so you can see their socks?”
They all laughed,
“How come he peed himself, then?”
“Dunno, the toilets were shut at the station, they have been for weeks, perhaps he got caught short and couldn’t wait and had to do it in his pants?”
They all laughed out loud again,

… in the Primark store, two middle-aged employees were folding clothes on the shelves.
“I know, the poor lad, I felt so sorry for him. He was just standing there as if he didn’t know what to do. It was all running down the legs of his trousers.”
“I’m sure it was the young policeman who is married to the girl whose mum is friends with Maureen. I remember when they got married. I’m certain it was him, he was partly in uniform too”.
“Poor love, he was standing in a puddle when he’d finished, he must have been bursting to go, whatever he’d been doing.”

… at midday, 19-year old LUL station employee Paul Foster walked into the LUL staff room at Harrow station as the shift changeover was taking place.
“Alright lads? ‘Ere, guess what – I reckon a copper pissed himself last night!”
“What? Where? What are you talking about?”
“Just before I was about to go on my break, this young bloke came rushing up saying ‘Please, Please, can I use the staff bog”. You know the public ones are still shut, well this bloke was hopping from foot to foot saying ‘Please, I’m going to wet myself!”
There were a few sniggers from all the other lads.
“He was, he kept saying he was about to do it in his trousers. Then he started saying he was a policeman and he had to go before he did it in his pants”.
“Do you reckon he was a copper, then?”
“Yeah, he kept saying he was – and he had those police trousers and shoes on, so it looked like it. I radio’ed Ken and he said to ask him for his warrant card, so I did but he was trying to get his wallet out of his pocket and hopping about. Then he said “leave it, leave it” and he rushed away but he looked like he was actually pissing himself.”
“Really? Blimey!”
“It looked like it, the way he was walking – it looked like he was doing it in his pants – then about 10 minutes later, a couple of blokes walked in, saw the toilet was out of order and one of them said “told you!” and then he turned to me and said “some lad’s just wet himself outside the station”.

… the new shift at the police station, in the changing rooms …
“Did you make it to the loo in time last night then, Simon? I was absolutely busting, another 10 minutes and I wouldn’t have made it!”
“Simon looked like he couldn’t have waited another one minute, let alone 10! I bet you didn’t last out ‘till you got home, did you?”
“You didn’t have to nip behind the stairs at the station, did you? When I was in Harrow with the missus last week, I noticed the toilets were shut. Bet that almost caused a bit of leakage didn’t it, mate?”

As the banter continued, a crimson-faced Simon was pleased he had his back to his colleagues, as he fumbled with the buttons on the jacket of his tunic, with his stomach doing cartwheels as he remembered standing outside Harrow station, peeing furiously all down his legs and through his pants and trousers.

“Don’t worry lads, old iron-bladder Bentley wouldn’t know what it feels like to even come close to wetting himself, would you, mate? Not like us mere mortals”

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