Nurse/Patient Roleplay Scenario

I want to try a scenario where it is a nurse/patient Roleplay. I would prefer the nurse to be female who get a kink on reading about others going to the bathroom. I like to be the patient in this case and the nurse will keep me bedridden as my character is incapable of getting up or she thinks it would be too unsafe. Forcing my character to use a bedpan, diaper or basin. Urination, defecation, omorashi or omakyusai will be played in this scenario. There would also involve the nurse wanting to take samples or assist the doctor on medical exams. Such as probing, fecal or urine sample. Use of catheters. Course while my character goes to the bathroom the nurse can peek and watch for her own amusement.

Ladies if you enjoy fantasy roleplay and are interested in this scenario. Add my discord Souunkatsu#6095

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