nowhere to go

i have been clearing out my loft today and throwing away all the saved stuff that i thought might have come in useful some day.

Amoungst the boxes was one filled with my old wanking magazines, so, natuarally i started to look at them

I had forgotten how much some of the stories turn me on. So in no time i was nusing a stiffy in my jeans.

I had been up there so long i now needed a pee but i didnt want to loose my place in the magazine.

What to do? Over in the corner was an old pillow.

Perfect. Push in the corner, take out my prick and thrust it as far as i could into the pillow.

For the next moment or two i enjoyed forcing large spurts of pee, into the pillow until i was empty.

Some of the pee had gone right through the pillow and was now running on the floor.

I was so turned on by now that i continued to thrust myself into the pillow until i came

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