Now, look what I've done!

Reading these stories has really turned me on and I just wanted to make a mess. As I have the house to myself, I put an old pair of pants on and lay on the bed with a plastic sheet under me. Although I had been for a poo earlier in the day, I felt that I could push a bit more out. As I lay on the bed, I put my finger on my arse hole to feel if there was any sign of motion. When I started to push, I could feel that some softish poo was on its way and as it started to come out, I pulled it up over my penis and balls. The mess had just stated and I wanted more, so I pushed hard and was rewarded with a soft lump which I added to the first lot. I lay there, stroking my penis with shitty hands. I still hoped that there was more poo to come and there was. The total amount would have measured up to a good hand full and it was all plastered inside the front of my pants. I lay there enjoying the mess that I had just made, but as all good things come to an end, I walked into the bathroom to clean up. 

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