Not my proudest moment lol

Some of you post desperation situations are great, it reminded me of one back when i was about 14-15 years old. Now by 14-15 years old, i already had the drive of pants wetting, pants pooping, and a diaper fetish, and starting to figure out that I’m gay. Any-who, me, my brothers, and my cousin we went to a hockey game. I ate before the hockey game as concession food prices are a total rip-off. Now i had been constipated for a few days as i was getting over a bacterial infection and i was on anti-biotics so i didn’t shit for like 4 days. In the mean time i was eating tons of Fiber, leafy greens, and prune juice galore. So after the hockey game my brothers, cousin and I go to Boston Pizza, we eat, and i wasn’t eating anything, as i wasn’t feeling very well, my gut was giving me some mild cramps, i dismissed these cramps as gas cramps, nothing more. We finish eating, we leave, now it’s a sunday in Downtown, So pretty much all the stores, malls, and office towers are closed, it’s fairly quiet. Now my gut starts rumbling as we start walking towards the bus stop. We get there, check to see our bus doesn’t come for another 20 minutes, so time to kill. As time went on the cramps got worse and worse and I kept dismissing it and letting out silent farts hoping it would revile the pressure, well I was wrong. Then out of no where a massive cramp seizes me and now my brain tells me “YOU NEED A TOILET NOW!!!” Now if i was by myself wearing a diaper or in my home alone, i would have enjoyed this experience, this time however, I didn’t. I really needed a bathroom, and since nothing was open as it was Sunday, I couldn’t find anything, by this point I run off from the bus stop, my brothers scream after me why i was running away, all i yelled was “BATHROOM”, and i run to see if there’s any place open, there wasn’t. By this point I’m clutching my bum just hoping it would hold till I found a place. I’m farting like crazy, and I’m getting hot sweats and the cramps are really bad and i can feel this will be a big, wet, mushy load of shit. Been searching for 5 minutes, I lost the war as i was running in a back alley, without warning, the gates open. I just stopped, and the shit just started spewing out of my bum and into my briefs and jeans, i was horrified, yet relaxed, grossed out, yet turned on. I just kept shitting and shitting, wet mushy load. It just kept coming, then i felt the shit trailing down my leg as my undies failed to hold it all in. Finally what felt like 5 minutes I finished shitting my pants. Big massive load in my pants, it feels hot on my butt it’s coming up squishing against my balls, and I’m just like “Awwww shit”. Being in a secluded alley, I unbuckle my jeans and pull my jeans down. On the back, could see wet poo stains on my jeans, and i pull down my black briefs and I see, they’re totally covered, there’s no way to salvage them. I ended up throwing those in the dumpster I had some Kleenex in my coat pocket so I cleaned myself up as much as I could with what I had. I got on the bus and went home, with a little droplets of shit pressing against my bum. I was horny the whole way home. When I got home I showered, and jerked off to the thought of me shitting myself and other guys shitting themselves. It wasn’t a proud moment for me, yet it was a rush. Whether I would do that again in public, probably not lol. But this was against my well.

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  1. hmmm we need to hear some really gpopd Push Back stories where you actually keep the poo in till it eases etc and the enjoyment and challenge of holding it all in and the methods used to achieve this THAT would be REALLY horny

  2. yeah, have ditched underwear before when it was hopeless and just pulled up the slightly poop stained pants.

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