Not as Easy the Second Time

When last we left Mariko it was in the bathroom as we took the easy route to relax in her bedroom and await her arrival. She eventually did of course. Not thinking ahead she had to stuff the back of her panties with toilet paper to keep some remnants from touching her butt after washing up. Live and learn! She’s coming back again but this time with an empty laundry basket. Doing a load while working on research.


Life continues on but you don’t often have the chance to indulge yourself, not with two parents and two siblings around. Mary’s family was interesting in that her father is native Japanese. Explains some of her features, doesn’t it? Well, yes, the house decorations too. Daisuke was a young and fairly stereotypical “salaryman”, marrying in his early 20s and having Ichiro before hitting 30. It wasn’t too long that he was promoted and…hmmm…not too interesting? Well, this site doesn’t attract people for its genealogy. Let’s just say that after a celebratory night out a year later that he had a daughter. P.S. – It wasn’t his wife who told him that. His wife told him something else – to get out.


Oh, hey, looks like Mary’s closing her laptop. Oops, we missed out looking over her shoulder. Well, fill in the blanks, you know a few things she likes by now. There she goes, flopping unceremoniously on the bed in…oh, hey!…Hello Kitty panties and a white shirt. Not a bad choice, wouldn’t you say? Shh, shh! She’s reaching for something buried in her nightstand drawer.


Oh, a Hitachi! It’s obvious her dad didn’t give that to her! Hmm, set aside? Oh something smaller. The orange one, eh? That’s a fun little remote bullet. She’s still on her belly and, oh, after getting a bit of lube it looks like it’s going in the back. Yeah she’s been working on that, she must have enjoyed her little “experiment” earlier. See how she writhes on the bed with that wire disappearing under the cloth of the panties? Now she’s on all fours panting like a pup in heat. Easy now, her moans and squeaks are cute but nothing sudden, you don’t want us caught do you?!


Oh, oh, she’s gonna climax! Look at her! Hello Kitty is offered up to the ceiling with her face in the pillows and a rapid pace to her breathing. There she goes, clenching the sheets and…aaaaaaand…!


Oh. Oh my.


The vibrator is out but so is…more. Look at that, as she shivers in orgasm she apparently lost or gave up control and is doing it again. That poor cotton is getting stretched out slowly and the crotch is drooping pretty far. It’s been at least half a minute now and she’s only just starting to recover from shivering. Poor Hello looks like she has the mumps! Poor Mary, too, it seems the bin she blindly grabbed for on the side of the bed was empty. Oh yes, that’s right!


The look on her face, wouldn’t you agree, means that she knows that too and is going to have to go on a stealth-waddle past the living room to the laundry room for anything more than a washcloth. At least she turned off the buzzing…

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