No diapers poop

So I had been holding it all weekend and I had started to think: will I make it home from my friend’s or be forced to let it go down the toilet.

When I eventually made it back, I had no diapers to use.

I decided instead to drop my load in some too small white briefs I have still in package. I prepared camera and stood in its view. I had had coffee with my friend earlier, and it didn’t even take a full push to start coming out.

The pants pulled downwards as the poop rushed out of my ass. It coiled up in the seat of my panties and began to crackle as it was forced forward to my vagina.

I stood still for a moment before pulling up on my panties, letting the shit press up on my my butt. I didn’t realize at the time but it cause some of the poop to escape. I some plastic bag panties on over top so I could squish it.

It was very warm and very soft as I spanked myself and pressed it around all over my butt until my ass crack was filled to the top with shit.

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  1. A garbage bag. With holes torn into the corners or directly through bag. Good for no diapers and you want to sit on furniture or whatever.

    Sorry, I didn’t realize someone had commented.

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