No Diaper Day

Gender: Female (s)

Relationship: Sisters

Requested: No

Warning: Mother Daughter Kink, Peeing, pooping, Breastfeeding, sexual content.

(I should actually be doing another chapter before this one so it makes no sense but i really wanna do this one first because i want to right now so yeah, sorry if it get’s confusing x)

Backstory: Not that long ago, Camilla and Jess had found out that they had the same kink, all the same ones, so they decided to now act them out, their parents were away for a month on business trips so they decided to make it an every day thing, Jess was the older, more mother like figure as Camilla was her baby, Jess would always put Camilla in diapers and treat her like her little girl, but today was different. Jess wanted to have some fun, so today was no diaper day, and no that doesn’t mean she can use the bathroom. Jess had quite the small bladder and would pee very fequently, about every hour, she loved it, though she was able to pee so much, she didn’t know how, so since she had been putting her in diapers Camilla had been able to go whenever she wanted, meaning no stress and holding it, so now Camilla couldn’t hold it anymore and was intrested and excited to see what was gonna happen~


Jess soon woke up, Spooning Camilla in her arms as she smiled and kissed the back of her head, Her being in her own pyjamas, a singlet and tights as Camilla was just in a top and diaper, Jess slipped her hand down to the front of Jess’s diaper and smiled to herself, feeling dampness, as Camilla then suddenly hummed from the touch and started to wake up, Jess smiled “Baby~ Baby time to wake up~” As Camilla whined softly, she hated early mornings, as they were up earlier than they normally were, Jess had a reason for that as Camilla rolled over and hid her face in Jess’s chest, nuzzling against it “Mama..” As Jess smiled and nodded “Morning baby~” as Camilla only whined and nuzzled into her chest again, Jess smiled and nodded “I know baby i know, Cm’Here~” and she sat up, sitting up against the headboard and holding Jess bridal style and sat her in her lap sideways, Jess then slipped her arms out of the singlet straps and pulled her top down, revealing her milky breasts as Jess then pulled her close, cradling Camilla now as she hummed softly “Go baby~” and Camilla instantly wrapped her mouth around one nipple and started sucking, feeling warm milk fill her mouth as she closed her eyes lightly, Camilla started wriggling around on Jess’s lap slightly signalling what else she needed to do, as Jess chuckled softly and cupped the front of her diaper “Go potty~” Knowing she would need to go at this time as Camilla then instantly relaxed and started to pee into her diaper, still sucking as Jess hummed and leaned her head back “Good girl~” and kissed her head lightly, stroking her hair as she hummed softly, feeling the stream though her diaper. Camilla soon finished and pulled back, feeling full as Jess smiled and kissed her head, she pulled her singlet back up, knowing the milk would go right through Camilla, it always did, she then sat up and picked Camilla up, putting her on her hip as she got up before laying her back down on the bed “Let’s take that diaper off~” and Camilla giggled, thinking it was just normal and she would put another one on her so she just laid there, Jess got some wipes and took her diaper off, putting it in the bin and wiping her clean before then pulling back and sitting on the bed again, Jess spread her legs and sat Camilla on the bed inbetween her legs, Camilla’s lower half exposed and herself pressed against the bed as Camilla blushed deeply and bit her lip “M-Mommy W-What are you doing?..” as Jess smiled and kissed her head “We’re doing something a little different today baby…Today is no diaper day~” as To which Camilla bit her lip at, knowing she wouldn’t be able to hold her bladder or bowels anymore “D-Does that mean i h-have to use the toilet?..” Jess shook her head “No baby, no toilets, no bathrooms and no diapers.” and Jess smirked as Camilla only blushed more “So it’s pee wherever you like or feel like it day~” As Camilla blushed more but bit her lip and giggled “R-Really Mommy?..” and Jess nodded and rubbed her sides “Yes baby of course, Mommy will clean it up later so you can go whenever and where ever you want~ Want Mommy to show you?..” and Jess bit her lip, she had needed to pee since she had woken up and since she knew they would wet the bed anyway, she wanted to just wet herself, Camilla’s eyes lit up and she nodded “Y-Yes please Mommy!” and Jess smiled, keeping her legs spread with Camilla sitting on the bed inbetween her legs, facing Jess. Jess then leaned her head back and closed her eyes, she had some tights on that she liked to sleep in as she then started to pee, instantly making a wet patch in her tights which only got bigger and bigger as she let out a sigh of relief as Camilla kept watching, not being able to take her eyes off of her. Jess soon finished and smiled slightly, looking at Camilla “See baby? It’s fun~” And Camilla giggled and nodded quickly, quite excited for what was going to happen, already feeling it build up in her as Jess smiled and picked her up, putting her on her hip “Want some proper breakfast?” and Camilla giggled and nodded, hugging her tightly as they both then walked downstairs.

They had both now had breakfast and were in the living room, watching Camilla’s favorite movie Monsters inc. Also a favorite of Jess’s, so she didn’t mind watching it, Jess still wearing Clothes but Camilla having her pussy straight down against the couch, Camilla thought it felt weird but liked it at the same time as she would sometimes wriggle around slightly, signalling she was trying to hold something in, Jess smirked wanting to tease her, knowing Camilla was trying to be a big girl as Jess rubbed Camilla’s back lightly, looking over at her “You okay babe~?” as to which Camilla instantly nodded and kept her eyes on the screen, trying to concentrate on the movie as Jess smirked and nodded, leaning back and resting her arms behind her head “Alright, whatever you say Baby, Just tell me if you need anything~” Knowing it was the milk that made her need to pee so quick, she knew she had to pee from her movements, had learnt them over the past few weeks, and technically since she had been born.

Soon Camilla moved her hands down and shoved it inbetween her legs and to her pussy, Jess then grabbed her hand and pulled it back “Nuh-uh~ You know the rules sweetheart~” and smirked as Camilla whined “B-But Mommy-” As Jess shook her head “Do you need to pee baby~?” One of Jess’s rules were that she could never touch herself unless Jess herself said she could, or wanted her to, sometimes if they were having some…fun, Together she’d allow it but otherwise she wasn’t aloud to touch herself, even when holding herself. Camilla bit her lip and finally gave in as she nodded, though had secretly just wanted to build it up more and more, knowing it was cause even more pleasure, Jess smirked and hummed, moving her hand down to her stomach and onto her bladder, rubbing it softly making Camilla bite her lip and whimper, Jess then kissed her softly before pulling back , Jess was sitting normally and then spread her legs slightly, pulling Camilla inbetween her legs, Jess moved her hand to her bladder and rubbed it softly, making Camilla moan softly, in slight pain and pleasure as she bit her lip again, Jess smiled and kissed along her neck softly “Come on you can pee baby, pee on the couch~” and Camilla tried to hold back but couldn’t do it and let go, all of her instincts were telling her to stop before she wasn’t in a diaper, but soon a slow trickle started to come out of her and onto the couch, but it then soon turned into a full and heavy stream as she moaned softly and fully pressed her pussy against the couch, a big wet patch quickly forming around her as she hummed, Jess watching intensely the whole time, starting to feel wet herself, though for a different reason…

Camilla soon finished as her cheeks turned a light shade of red and she looked to Jess “W-Was that good Mommy?..” and Jess instantly nodded “Oh Baby that was sexy as hell~” and she then twisted Camilla around and pulled her onto her thighs, Jess Grabbed Camilla’s hand and guided it down to her own Pussy, Camilla then blushed being able to feel wetness through her tights even “M-Mommy d-did you pee yourself too?..” And Jess only smirked and kissed her before pulling back “Oh baby you did this to me~” and Jess slowly moved one of her hands down Camilla’s stomach and down to her clit, Camilla gasped softly as Jess started to rub her clit, Camilla gripped Jess’s shoulders lightly as she moaned softly, biting her lip as Jess started to now massage it, Jess smirked and then moved her other hand down to her opening, moving her fingers teasingly around there “My My so wet for Mommy already~” Making Camilla blush again as Jess then entered a finger inside her, Camilla bit her lip and panted softly “Y-You can move..” and Jess nodded and started to move her fingers in and out of her, Camilla moaned softly and bit her lip, grinding against her fingers, Jess then added another finger, making sure she was okay with that before slowly adding another, she knew Camilla’s limit was three and definitely didn’t want to push it, only wanting her happy and satisfied as Camilla kept moaning “M-Mommy~” and then with Jess’s other hand she started rubbing Camilla’s Clit again and as she did that at the same time, curled her fingers that were inside of her so that they hit her G-Spot, Wanting her to feel as much pleasure as possible as Camilla gasped softly and gripped her shoulders, whimpering in pleasure as she kept grinding herself against her hands “M-Mommy I-I’m gonna-” and Jess quickly moved her fingers in and out of her and rubbed her clit just the way she liked it as Camilla then let out a loud moan and came over Jess’s fingers, Camilla panted softly and collapsed forward against her chest as Jess pulled her hand out of her and licked her cum off of them, before then rubbing her back and holding her close “Good baby~?” and Camilla instantly nodded, she finally caught her breath and then sat sideways on her lap, nuzzling against her chest, Camilla was tired, always would be after orgasaming, but wanted Jess’s warm milk as she would sleep. Jess smiled and cradled her, pulling her straps off and down, exposing her chest which were leaking slightly with Milk, Camilla instantly attatched herself to the breast and hummed in pleasure, Jess smiled and hummed herself, it feeling good, Camilla started to drift off to sleep but before she did she couldn’t help but let out a few spurts off pee and onto Jess’s leg, and the couch, Jess smiled and chuckled softly, stroking Camilla’s hair as Camilla slowly drifted off to sleep, curling up in Jess’s arms. Jess smiled and held her close, staying like that for a moment before pulling her shirt back up, then picking her up bridal style and walking back upstairs to their room, Once they got there Jess laid Camilla down under the covers, leaving her with just a shirt, knowing she would wet herself through the night, and was excited for it as Jess then laid down behind her, Jess wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her back into her chest, Jess now spooning Camilla as she kissed the back of her head before closing her eyes, and slowly falling asleep, maybe extending the ‘No diaper Day.” To a few days…

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  1. I really liked this story. I’ve always liked the thought of going anywhere around the house. I also loved the breastfeeding element. Thank you for writing!

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